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The Pre-Show

CONQuest 2023 reaches for the skies with creators, panels and more

Last year, CONQuest held its first Manila event which became one of the bright spots in the post-pandemic pop culture events scene.

CONQuest, Ready to Conquer Manila

Three years after their last gathering, CONQuest is bringing the festival to Manila with Big Guests, Activities and Other Surprises.

THE PRE-SHOW: The Best of Anime 2018

Last year, Primetrade Asia made the bold move by bringing The Best of Anime out of its comfort zone and scheduled the popular event a week before their flagship event Manila International Book Fair, finally showing everyone that the event can stand on their own.

THE PRE-SHOW: SCANDAL Asia Tour 2018 “HONEY” in Manila

Back in 2012, The Japan Foundation Manila asked in an online poll "Which Japanese artist/band/group would you like to see LIVE in Manila?" The all-female rock group SCANDAL garnered the most votes from Pinoy J-music fans. Six years later, they are finally coming to Manila.

THE PRE-SHOW: The Best of Anime 2017, A Test of Independence

This year, they are making a bold move. Because for the first time in its seven-year history, BoA will happen a weekend before its bigger sister event, which would be both a challenge and an opportunity for them to shine as a worthy event in their own right.

THE PRE-SHOW: Ozine Fest 2017, A Nostalgia-filled journey

The Japanese pop-culture scene in the Philippines is thriving with each and every year, but whenever the summer season arrives, there is only one event that comes to mind: Ozine Fest.

THE PRE-SHOW: ANIMAX Carnival Philippines 2016, A mixed bag of the Japanese pop-culture experience

ANIMAX Carnival Philippines is happening just days away, it is certainly the most anticipated anime event of this year's event season. It will be jam-packed full of exciting activities, fun giveaways, plus other surprises in store...

THE PRE-SHOW: The Best of Anime 2016, A Festival Unmatched

Last year, The Best of Anime did what was their biggest coup yet, as it played host for Japanese songstress Eir Aoi's first-ever live performance in Manila, where she was also seen banging her head and raising her fists during UchuSentai:NOIZ's set before her own. This year, expect The Best of Anime (BoA) to upstage their own 2015 event with the addition of two first-time Manila visitors, alongside a bevy of cosplayer guests, local bands and side events and activities that will surely entertain everyone, whether hard-core anime fan or not.

THE PRE-SHOW: GRANRODEO beams up Asia for Treasure Candy concert this July 22

You definitely have listened to the theme songs of Kuroko's Basketball or Bungo Stray Dogs, Maybe you also have heard one of them portray a character in an anime or game series... but now it is time to see them at their best, which is performing live on stage!

THE PRE-SHOW: ONE OK ROCK: 2016 “35XXXV” ASIA TOUR – Live in Manila

WE'VE FINALLY GOT OUR WISH. They have performed at the Budokan and Yokohama Stadium, performed in South America & Europe, and recently finished their North American tour...