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ANIMAX Carnival Philippines is happening just days away, it is certainly the most anticipated anime event of this year’s event season. It will be jam-packed full of exciting activities, fun giveaways, plus other surprises in store…

For sure, this will be the event for any die-hard Japanese anime and pop-culture fans that should not be missed… but just in case you are still thinking about attending, then let this convince you. This is The Pre-Show: ANIMAX Carnival Philippines 2016.


Two for the Price of One

ANIMAX Carnival Philippines 2016 - Tickets

Let’s get this first out of the way, since this is certainly important. I’m pretty sure you have seen our previous article about the event, where you may have seen the ticket information. I would guess that some were quite surprised, because there were some who inquired if it’s true. Yes, it is true.

You just need to buy one ticket to gain access to both days of ANIMAX Carnival Philippines 2016, whether you want to want to join the mini-activities, catch the stage events or even watch the anisong concert.

You only need one ticket. Period.


There are four (4) ticket tiers for the event, priced at ₱299, ₱499, ₱799, and Oo-kun’s Golden Ticket priced at ₱1,200.

₱299 (Ticket C) will give you access to the booths, exhibits and mini-stage activities at Main Hall 1.

₱499 (Ticket B) will give you access to the booths, exhibits and mini-stage activities at Main Hall 1, as well as stage activities (e.g. Animax Cosplay Competition) at Main Hall 2. Anisong concert not included.

₱799 (Ticket A) will give you access to the booths, exhibits and mini-stage activities at Main Hall 1, stage activities and the Anisong concert at Main Hall 2.

Oo-kun’s Golden Ticket will give you access to both halls, plus VIP priority seating for the anisong concert. Unfortunately, this ticket tier has been sold out since September 30.

Ticket holders will be given a wrist tag as their access pass for the event (per day), as well as a special goodie bag from ANIMAX.

You may buy your tickets at SM Ticket outlets nationwide and online at smtickets.com, or you can also get them during the event… but make sure you get them early, so that you can enjoy the whole event!


A mixture of the past and the modern

Last year’s theme was the popular Shibuya Crossing, where each section of the hall was divided to a Tokyo district. This year, it will be something unique, because they will be mixing the past and the modern times.

ANIMAX Carnival Philippines 2016 brings you to the Edo period and the Animax City!


Edo period was the time of big castles, classical art and the samurai, and they will bring you a slice of Edo period to the event!

Remember Kendama and other traditional games from last year? They will be bringing it back, plus other activities like a tea party and even wearing a kimono! Just be sure to be early, because like last year, the lines may get quite long!


Jumping back to the present time, ANIMAX Carnival Philippines will bring you to Animax City… This will be the place for fun activities featuring your favorite ANIMAX shows and sponsors!

You may also get a chance to have a sneak peak on the latest anime shows… but let’s just leave at that, because it’s better to keep silent and just see the surprise on the event!

Love Oo-kun and friends? You can also buy his merchandises at the Oo-kun booth.


[vimeo width=”600″ height=”338″ video_id=”187149417″]

Feeling your creative juices flowing? You can join the Cosplay Competition, which has two categories: Carnival-inspired category and ANIMAX Category!

The carnival-inspired category is where you could create your own design that gives a modern take on a Edo period costume, while the ANIMAX category is where you could dress up as your favorite character from an ANIMAX anime show.

The submission of entries had ended last October 7, but has now been extended to the event date. For more details, please check their post on Facebook.


Three years in the making

[vimeo width=”600″ height=”338″ video_id=”187149412″]

Three years ago, the popular anisong singer May’n was scheduled to perform on ANIMAX Carnival Philippines 2013, but the event was cancelled out of respect to the victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) in November of that year.

This year, ANIMAX will finally bring her to the country, and she will be joined by ELISA, yanaginagi and Ami Wajima. Their performances is surely not to be missed by anyone!

ANIMAX Carnival Philippines 2016 ANIMAX Carnival Philippines 2016
ANIMAX Carnival Philippines 2016 ANIMAX Carnival Philippines 2016

ELISA and yanaginagi will be performing on the night of October 15, while Ami Wajima and May’n will be performing on the night of October 16.

Their upcoming performance is surely a glimpse of future in the Japanese pop-culture scene in the country, and hopefully more to come.

[vimeo width=”600″ height=”338″ video_id=”187149410″]

ANIMAX Carnival Philippines 2016 is happening on October 15-16 at the SMX Convention Center – Manila, inside the Mall of Asia complex in Pasay City.

Tickets are available at SM Ticket outlets nationwide and online at smtickets.com.

For more details on the event, please visit the website at animax-asia.com/ACPH16.