Ironmouse, the most popular virtual streamer on streaming platform Twitch, has been awarded the Best VTuber in this year’s Streamer Awards.

She bested three other nominees in the category, which are fellow VShojo colleague Veibae, independent VTubers Shylily and Shxtou.


Ironmouse was also nominated in the Best Just Chatting Streamer category, which was won by left-wing political commentator and streamer Hasan Piker (HasanAbi), while her group VShojo also got nominated for the Best Content Organization, which was won by OfflineTV.

Another VShojo colleague Apricot, also known as “Froot”, was nominated in the Best Battle Royale Streamer category, which was won by Twitch streamer and professional esports player Timothy “iiTzTimmy” An.


Ironmouse is a popular Twitch virtual streamer and content creator from Puerto Rico who has been streaming online since 2017. She currently has about 1.5 million followers on Twitch and about 870,000 subscribers on YouTube.

In November 2020, she became part of VShojo, a US-based VTuber agency founded by former Twitch employee Justin “theGunrun” Ignacio and YouTuber Phillip “Mowtendoo” Fortunat, as one of its founding members, together with Nyatasha Nyanners, Silvervale, Zentreya and Project Melody.

Ironmouse is mostly known for her ‘Just Chatting’ streams, but also does meme reactions, karaoke and gaming streams, most of the time with her fellow VShojo mates or other streamers.

She also hosts “Speak of the Devil”, which is a talk show where she ask questions to her guest coming from her fans. The show’s notable guests include streamer Sykkuno, hololive Indonesia’s Kureiji Ollie, Nijisanji English’s Vox Akuma, “Abroad in Japan” content creator Chris Broad, hololive English’s Calliope Mori, content creator Ludwig Ahgren, and most recently, Australian singer and professional wrestler Ladybeard.


The Streamer Awards is an awards show organized by Twitch streamer and content creator QTCinderella, which is being held annually since 2022.

This year, the awards ceremony were held last Saturday, March 11, at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, California. The winners in each category, except for the Legacy Award, are decided through popular vote (70%) and panelists’ vote (30%).