Back in 2012, The Japan Foundation Manila asked in an online poll “Which Japanese artist/band/group would you like to see LIVE in Manila?” The all-female rock group SCANDAL garnered the most votes from Pinoy J-music fans. Six years later, they are finally coming to Manila.

Finally, the day that everyone has been waiting for is here. SCANDAL has arrived in Manila, and they will be performing their best hits, as well as the latest hits from the album “Honey” tonight at the SMX Convention Center Manila in Pasay City!

But before the main event this Sunday, we bring you some of the low-down of this much-anticipated show on this edition of The Pre-Show.



Let’s first discuss the most important aspect of the concert preparations, and that would be the tickets. There are three ticket tiers for the concert, which are Emperor’s Pass, VIP Pass and General Admission Pass.

The ticket tiers have the following price, as well as their perks and privileges:

Emperor’s ID, Priority Seating, Concert Poster, and an After-concert Hi-Touch Session with the Artist.

Reserved Area and Concert Poster.

Standing Room Area with a First come, First served basis.

Of course, the Emperor’s Pass has long been sold out a while back, but there are still some VIP Passes that had been opened up by the organizer and General Admission Passes that are still available. You may buy them at any SM Tickets outlet or buy them online at




Photo from Arquitectonica

SCANDAL’s first-ever Manila concert will be held at Function Room 5 at the SMX Convention Center, which is inside the Mall of Asia complex in Pasay City.

The venue is definitely familiar to most Filipino event goers, because that’s where the likes of Ozine Fest, Cosplay Mania or The Best of Anime were being held. The organizers also held anisong concerts at that familiar venue, but this is going to be a full-pledged concert by the female group.


If you have been to the concerts of Uchusentai:Noiz or Spyair a couple of years ago, you will surely understand this feeling.

We advise everyone to better hold your horses in jumping, because you may experience an earthquake-like feeling, and that may not be a comfortable feeling for some people.

Better bring your light sticks for the concert, they are allowed anyways.


Floor Plan

Primetrade Asia, the organizer of the concert, has released an updated version of the concert’s floor plan.

Photo from Primetrade Asia

As earlier mentioned, the concert will be held at Function Room 5, which is at the second level of SMX Convention Center Manila.

Upon entering, you may enter the venue through the escalator facing the Coral Way, and you could also get to buy their official merchandises near the restroom area.

Each ticket tiers have their respective areas with the Emperor’s Passes holders at the very front. There are also specific areas for Persons with Disability (PWD), but they have to be in areas near the entrance/exit or open spaces in case of any emergency.

The artist will be performing at an elevated stage, and there would also be video walls.


House Rules

If you are an avid event goer, you may already know some of the house rules, but just to recap everyone:

  • Doors to the concert hall will be opened at 5:00pm PHT, while the concert proper is expected to start at possibly about 7:00pm PHT.
  • Emperor’s Pass holders have a Reserved Seating Area, VIP Pass holders have a Reserved Standing Area, and General Admission Pass holders have a designated standing area that is first come, first served basis.
  • Emperor’s Pass holders must wear their IDs at all times, until the Hi-Touch Session ends.
  • Attendees with unruly, rude, and hurtful behavior will be escorted out of the concert hall without refunds.
  • Attendees wearing t-shirts or bringing materials containing inappropriate materials or implying derogatory comments will also be escorted out of the event hall without refunds.
  • No running, rough housing, pushing or jumping allowed.
  • Posters and/or fan signs are not allowed inside the concert hall as not to block the view of attendees at the back.
  • NO PHOTOGRAPHY, VIDEO AND AUDIO RECORDING ALLOWED, regardless of personal use or otherwise. Violators will be escorted out of the concert hall without refund.

For the full house rules, you may check the post at Primetrade Asia’s Facebook page at:


To the organizers, we wish them good luck at the concert. To the attendees, please follow the rules, don’t cause any problems, and for everyone to have fun.

See you at the event!


SCANDAL ASIA TOUR 2018 “HONEY” IN MANILA is happening on Sunday, June 24, at Function Room 5 of the SMX Convention Center – Manila in Pasay City.

For more details regarding the event, please visit their Facebook page at

All information listed on this article are correct as of press time. Subject to change without prior notice.