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Barangay 143 animation series launched, reveals cast

Japanese broadcaster TV Asahi, together with Synergy88 Digital and August Media, have formally launched the basketball-themed animation series Barangay 143 during its press launch event on Tuesday.

MNL48 First Generation members elect Team Captains, Overall Captain

Following last week's announcements at the Sousenkyo Senbatsu (General Election), MNL48, the newest sister group of AKB48, has more revelations up its sleeves on Saturday as its First Generation members elected their first-ever team captains and overall captain.

MNL48 hails official First Generation members

After more than two years of waiting since its announcement, the official First Generation members of the newest sister group of AKB48, MNL48, has been finally named at this year's Sousenkyo Senbatsu (General Election) held at Studio 4 and Center Road in ABS-CBN yesterday.

Cosplay.ph to bring stage actors Hiroki Ino, Kosuke Asuma at Cosplay...

Event organizer Cosplay.ph has announced on Sunday that Japanese stage actors Hiroki Ino and Kosuke Asuma are set to attend as special guest on their upcoming event Cosplay Mania this year.

ABS-CBN’s HERO revamps as a “digital portal”

A week after the Filipino language anime channel HEROtv closed its doors, their social media accounts has officially announced that the anime channel will now be revamped into a "digital portal", which will now be known simply as HERO.

HATSUNE MIKU EXPO 2016 Japan Tour to be screened at Cosplay...

Local events organizer Cosplay.ph has announced on Wednesday that they will have a special screening of HATSUNE MIKU EXPO 2016 Japan Tour on Cosplay Mania '17.

Japanese artist Namie Amuro announces retirement from industry next year

Japanese artist Namie Amuro has announced on Wednesday that she plans to retire in the entertainment industry next year, which will mark her 26th year in the industry.

HalloHallo Entertainment announces partnership with ABS-CBN for MNL48 idol group

HalloHallo Entertainment has announced on Thursday that they will be partnering with broadcasting giant ABS-CBN Corporation for the formation of MNL48.

Cosplay Mania ’17 to feature voice actors Wataru Hatano, Kotaro Nishiyama

Local events organizer Cosplay.ph has announced on Friday that voice actors Wataru Hatano and Kotaro Nishiyama are set to grace this year's Cosplay Mania event as special guests.

Hallohallo to Build ‘Entertainment Complex’ at Glorietta

A new Japanese-themed commercial center will impose on the towering Makati skyline as Hallohallo Inc. has joined forces with Mitsubishi and Ayala Corporation, via land developing firm Ayala Land, Inc. to build the structure on the top of the Glorietta complex.