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UNIQLO’s History of Dragon Ball UT Collection Takes Anime Fans Down Memory Lane

Dragon Ball was introduced to the Pop culture scene in the Philippines in the 80s, and it has then been a big part of a lot of our childhoods.

CONQuest 2023 features Pokimane, Joey Bizinger as Guests

AcadArena, the organizers of the esports and pop-culture event CONQuest, has announced on Saturday the Final Wave of its Guests for 2023.

Disney+ to simulcast “Synduality: Noir” anime in July

The producers of the Synduality mixed-media franchise has revealed more details about their upcoming anime series during their stage event at AnimeJapan 2023 on Sunday.

CONQuest 2023 announces Second Wave of Special Guests

AcadArena, the organizers of the esports and pop-culture event CONQuest, has announced on Monday the Second Wave of its Special Guests.

J-pop star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, actor Shono Hayama announces marriage

Japanese pop star and entertainer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu announced on Tuesday her marriage to actor Shono Hayama.

King Records launches “Anileap” anime music streaming project

King Amusement Creative, a label of Japanese record company King Records, has launched on Monday their new streaming project, Anileap.

VShojo’s Ironmouse is The Streamer Awards 2023’s Best VTuber

Ironmouse, the most popular virtual streamer on streaming platform Twitch, has been awarded the Best VTuber in this year's Streamer Awards.

ANYCOLOR terminates contract of Nijisanji English’s Zaion LanZa

ANYCOLOR Inc., the parent company of Virtual YouTuber agency Nijisanji, has announced on Friday that they have terminated the contract of Zaion LanZa.

CONQuest 2023 announces First Wave of Special Guests

AcadArena, the organizers of the popular esports and pop-culture event CONQuest, has revealed on Wednesday its First Wave of Special Guests.

CONQuest Festival reveals Event Dates for Next Year

After many months of wait, the official social media accounts of CONQuest Festival has finally revealed the event dates for next year.