About Us

Anime Pilipinas offers stories & viewpoints about Anime, Manga, Cosplay and Japanese pop culture from a Filipino perspective.

Anime Pilipinas is committed to delivering the latest news stories, insightful features and fearless viewpoints that the Filipino anime fan community—as well as the wider world—would want to know about the pop culture scene, fandom and everything in between.



Our Humble Beginnings 

The History of Anime Pilipinas can be traced to ZEN Otaku Honbu, an online message board created in 2005 by a group of friends who are anime fans to discuss the latest anime news and issues in the country. ZENhonbu then transformed into an anime news blog and started to publish the biggest anime news and pop culture stories, plus commentaries about the community.

ZENhonbu made its presence felt in social media, and later on, gave every anime fan the latest breaking news and exclusive scoops, as well as insights that would be relevant, thought-provoking that would set the agenda to discuss Japanese pop culture clearly and intelligently.

Over time, ZENhonbu—working hand in hand with its partners and friends—delivered up-to-the-minute reports on the biggest anime events in the country, from simple live blogging and social media sharing, as well as the first live audio stream of an anime event.


A Continuing Evolution

In 2014, ZEN Otaku Honbu transformed into Anime Pilipinas, with the same firebrand journalism we were known for, now bringing much deeper insight into the anime scene, whether in the Philippines or across the globe.

Today, Anime Pilipinas is not just an anime news website but also a platform for everyone to discuss their viewpoints and opinions.

Through its newly redesigned, mobile-responsive website, we aim to give you the stories first, whenever and wherever you are, on any platform. At the same time, give you the voice to share your thoughts on our social media platforms.

Anime Pilipinas is also there at the biggest anime and pop culture events in the country, providing deeper context and color to readers on the exciting happenings from inside & outside the event halls, as well as behind-the-stage perspectives like no other can.

Anime Pilipinas aims to become your Japanese anime and pop culture news source, and we hope that you will join us.


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