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ODEX warns Philippines, other SE Asia countries over Piracy Concerns

Southeast Asian anime distributor ODEX has posted a warning in its Facebook pages on Tuesday to moviegoers across Southeast Asia against uploading pictures and clips taken inside cinemas during the screenings of their movies.

KyoAni Fire Aftermath: Police released names of 10 Kyoto Animation attack...

The Kyoto Prefectural Police have released on Friday the names of 10 of the 35 people who had died in an arson attack at the Kyoto Animation's first studio building last month.

KyoAni Fire Aftermath: Police raided Arson suspect’s apartment, Looking into his...

Japanese public broadacster NHK is reporting that the Police is looking into the motive of the suspect of the Arson attack at Kyoto Animation's first studio building last July 18.

KyoAni Fire Aftermath: Kyoto Animation’s First studio server survives fire, Data...

Although original illustrations in paper did not survived the Arson attack at Kyoto Animation over a week ago, the company's lawyer Daisuke Okeda now confirms that digitized art and other materials stored in a data server at the building's first floor has survived the fire.

KyoAni Fire Aftermath: Japanese gov’t considers extending support to Kyoto Animation

Japanese public broadcaster NHK is reporting on Monday that the Japanese government is considering measures to extend support to Kyoto Animation, as stated by Chief Cabinet Minister Yoshihide Suga.

KyoAni Fire Aftermath: Death toll in the fatal arson attack rises...

Japanese public broadcaster NHK has reported on Saturday that, according to the police, the death toll in the Kyoto Animation arson attack has now risen to 35 people.

KyoAni Fire Aftermath: Police identifies All 34 victims died on the...

Japanese news media is reporting on Thursday that the police has finished the DNA testing and has identified all 34 people that died at the Kyoto Animation arson attack, which happened a week ago.

KyoAni Fire Aftermath: Animation industry, Personalities share tributes to Kyoto Animation...

As news broke of the deadly arson attack on Thursday, messages of sorrow and support to the beloved anime studio has flooded on social media, particularly from Japanese anime companies, personalities and even fans around the world.

KyoAni Fire Aftermath: Kyoto Animation opens Bank Account for Donations

Kyoto Animation has announced on Wednesday that they had opened a bank account to accept donations, which they plan to be a fund for the families of the victims of the arson attack last Thursday.

Local cinema owners sue FDCP over new film screening rules

A group of cinema owners has filed a lawsuit against the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) over a recent memorandum circular the council issued that imposes new guidelines on film screenings in the Philippines.