ANIPLUS Asia to simulcast “The Ancient Magus’ Bride” anime’s Second Season this April

Kazuki Terasawa, director of the anime's second original video animation, will direct the upcoming season, to be animated at Studio Kafka.

Southeast Asian anime channel ANIPLUS Asia has announced on Friday they will simulcast the Second Season of The Ancient Magus’ Bride this April.

The upcoming season of the popular fantasy drama anime on 06 April, airing every Thursday nights at 10:00pm PHT, just an hour after its initial Japanese telecast.

The show will be the anime channel’s fourth simulcast title for the Spring 2023 season, after The Dangers in My Heart, Skip and Loafer and Sacrificial Princess and The King of Beasts.


©2022 Kore Yamazaki / MAG Garden · Mahoyome Partners

Chise was able to accept Elias and herself, if not necessarily everything about her situation. After Cartaphilus fell back into a slumber that would not last forever, Chise was able to go back to her regular life. Then she receives an invitation from a mutual aid organization for mages called the College.

Under the British Library exists a secret society of mages. Encounters and interactions with people are about to open some new doors.

This is a story about saving yourself to save another. (Synopsis from Crunchyroll)


The Ancient Magus’ Bride is an anime adaptation of a fantasy drama manga series by Kore Yamazaki, which is being published by Mag Garden since November 2013, currently in their Monthly Comic Garden magazine since September 2014.

The manga currently has 19 volumes published, where the upcoming season of the anime series will adapt its 10th volume, also known as “The College” arc, which was released in 2018.


Kazuki Terasawa, who previously worked in various roles on several anime titles like Kedama no Gonjiro and Toriko!, will be directing the upcoming season.

Terasawa took over the directorial role from Season 1 and first original video animation (OVA) director Norihiro Naganuma, and worked on the second three-part OVA series The Ancient Magus’ Bride: The Boy From the West and the Knight of the Mountain Haze, which was released between September 2021 to 2022. Studio Kafka also took over its animation production.


Aside from the directorial role, other staff and cast members also returned to work on The Ancient Magus’ Bride’s upcoming season including scriptwriter Aya Takaha, character designer Hirotaka Katou and theme song composer Junichi Matsumoto.

Takaha will be joined alongside Chiaki Nishinaka, who worked as production manager for Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song- original anime, and Yoko Yonaiyama, who previously handled series composition for the musical comedy anime Ya Boy Kongming!.

Japanese singer JUNNA returns to perform the upcoming season’s opening theme song “Dear”, while the ending theme “Mubansou” will be performed by edda.

The upcoming season’s voice cast will once again be lead by Atsumi Tanezaki as “Chise” and Ryota Takeuchi as “Elias Ainsworth.”


ANIPLUS Asia aired the first season of The Ancient Magus’ Bride as one of its simulcast titles during the Autumn 2017 season.

The anime channel also televised its prequel, the three-part The Ancient Magus’ Bride: Those Awaiting a Star OVA series, in November the same year.


ANIPLUS Asia is available on SKYcable Channel 139 SD in Metro Manila, CAMANAVA and Rizal, nationwide through Cignal TV Channel 75 and SatLite Channel 85.

The anime channel is also being offered as a live stream on TapGO TV in High Definition for as low at ₱129 per month. Visit for more details.