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Southeast Asian anime channel ANIMAX Asia has announced that the fantasy comedy anime In Another World With My Smartphone and comedy drama anime Sakura Quest are set to premiere this month.

The two titles are in addition to previously announced premiere of Kado: The Right Answer on Tuesday, May 8.


In Another World With My Smartphone premieres on May 09, airing double-episodes Every Wednesday and Thursday nights at 08:00pm (07:00pm JKT/BKK).

Sakura Quest premieres on May 30, airing double-episodes Every Wednesday and Thursday nights at 08:00pm (07:00pm JKT/BKK).


In Another World With My Smartphone
© Patora Fuyuhara, HOBBY JAPAN / Principality of Buryunhild

15-year-old Touya Mochizuki is unfortunately killed when God accidentally strikes him with lightning. As an apology, God makes Touya an offer – he can be reborn in an alternative magical world with amplified physical abilities, and he will be allowed to bring just one item from his past life with him. Touya decides to bring along his smartphone, and God modifies it so that it can work in his new life. Taking full advantage of this second chance in life, Touya befriends many people in this new world and goes on the adventure of a lifetime!

In Another World With My Smartphone is an anime adaptation of a light novel series, written by Patora Fuyuhara and illustrated by Eiji Usatsuka, which is being published by Hobby Japan under their HJ Novels imprint since 2015. The novels currently has 12 volumes.

The anime adaptations were directed by Takeyuki Nanase, who worked as the director of the comedy anime Himegoto, while My Love Story!! director Natsuko Takahashi handled the scripts.

Character designs were made by the team of Masahiro Sekiguchi, Miyako Nishida and Toshihide Masudate, which was produced by Production Reed. The show was first aired in Japanese television in Summer 2017.


Sakura Quest
©2017 SAKURA QUEST Production Committee

Being a queen isn’t a bad first job to have! Jobseeker Yoshino has had over 30 interviews but has yet to secure a job. Her lucky break seemingly comes when she receives a job offer to work with the tourism board of the Manoyama town as their ambassador, or “Queen”. Yoshino jumps at the chance and travels to the small town, only to discover that she was hired mistakenly and that her contract is for one year instead of one day as she had initially thought. With nowhere else to go, Yoshino decides to take on the job as Queen of Manoyama!

Sakura Quest is an anime series produced by anime studio P.A. Works, which was first aired in Japanese television in Spring last year.

The original anime was directed by Soichi Masui, who worked in the popular fantasy adventure anime Chaika: The Coffin Princess and several movie adaptation of Crayon Shin-chan, while The Devil is a Part-Timer! scriptwriter Masahiro Yokotani handled the series composition.

Character designs were handled by Kanami Sekiguchi, who also handled several P.A. Works projects like Hanasaku Iroha and Shirobako, with opening and ending theme songs performed by the band [K]NoW_NAME.