© Hikaru Nakamura / SQUARE ENIX, ArakawaUB Project

Sources tell Anime Pilipinas that the Filipino-language anime channel HEROtv is set to air the romantic comedy anime Arakawa under the Bridge next month.

This follows the previous announcement of the premiere of sci-fi romance anime Date A Live and school idol anime Love Live! School Idol Project this February.


Kou Ichinomiya has always lived according to the creed of his wealthy, successful family: never be in debt to anyone. But one day, under the Arakawa Bridge, his life is saved by a homeless girl named Nino. In order to pay her back, Kou promises to be her boyfriend; and thus begins his new life under the bridge. (Synopsis from Anime News Network)

Arakawa under the Bridge is an anime adaptation of a Japanese manga series, created by Hikaru Nakamura. The manga is serialized on Square Enix magazine Young Gangan which started in December 2004 and is currently on-going. It currently has 13 volumes.

Yukihiro Miyamoto, director of the highly popular Puella Magi Madoka Magica franchise, was the overall director of the series, while Hidamari Sketch series director Akiyuki Shinbo is the anime’s director-in-charge. Deko Akao, scriptwriter for anime titles Asura Cryin’, BlazBlue Alter Memory & the Winter 2014 title Noragami, handled the scripts for the anime. It was produced by SHAFT, and has 13 episodes for both first & second seasons.


As had been on the previous report, there is still no word on the premiere date & time of HEROtv’s February titles, but we will keep you updated on any developments.