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#RandomThought: What’s in the Name?

After almost two decades with GMA Network, the popular comedy anime Doraemon has said goodbye to their former broadcaster, and moved in a big way to their main rival ABS-CBN.

#RandomThought: Have we found the sweet spot for anime on Philippine TV?

Japanese anime programs have been a fixture on Philippine TV since the 70's, which is why each of us has our own 'all-time' favorites. The older generation has Voltes V, while millennials like me has Yu Yu Hakusho (Ghost Fighter), while the younger generation has Naruto.

#RandomThought: Running out of time, Digital release may be the better option

Japanese anime fans will surely be excited for this date, and most probably the producers as well. For movie distributors, maybe not.

#RandomThought: Do I really need to explain the MTRCB again?

If you have been following opinion posts on Anime Pilipinas, you can probably say that we are definitely critical of the actions of a couple of Pinoy anime fans, but for a reason.

#RandomThought: I’m officially done with AniMEGA

The time for waiting may be over, so let's all pack our bags and just go.

#RandomThought: THE MTRCB: Pinoy Otaku’s Whipping Boy

The times may have changed, but that still doesn't mean you could blatantly expose them to it!

RANDOM THOUGHT: How much is too much for a Fandom?

They say that the best things in life are for free, but when you are a part of a certain fandom, whether it is Japanese anime, Online gaming, K-Pop or anything that is a part of pop-culture, getting a piece of the things you like certainly won't come any cheap... but then again, if you are devoted to that one thing, the price will never be an issue.

RANDOM THOUGHT: Japanese Anime is back on TV5, now what?

January 24 was a big day to Filipino anime fans, as terrestrial network TV5 returned to the anime scene with their two-hour anime block, which airs every weekend mornings. The line-up consist of four titles, including the highly-popular anime Sword Art Online. From the looks of it, the airing had paid-off as it had garnered enough attention that "Sword Art Online" became one of the trending topics on the social networking site Twitter during its airing that weekend. But now, the big question will be... now what?

After Space Dandy, Maybe ANIMAX should Reconsider its Simulcast title choices

Pan-regional anime channel ANIMAX Asia has just aired their first "simulcast" title this year, which is Space Dandy... This is the third "simulcast" title by the channel with a bizarre theme. This is turning into some odd gamble ANIMAX is going into.

FamilyMart: A bit too comfy than your average convenience store

Familymart. You may have seen or visited any of their stores overseas, especially in places like Taiwan, Thailand, and of course... Japan. It is one of the big three convenience stores (or kombini) in Japan, together with 7-Eleven and Lawson, which also has some strong presence overseas.