Popular YouTuber and content creator Valkyraein a photoshoot taken in 2021. (Photo from Twitter / @Valkyrae)

AcadArena, the organizers of the esports and pop-culture event CONQuest, has revealed on Wednesday its First Wave of Special Guests.

The popular event for this year will feature popular YouTubers and content creators Valkyrae and Fuslie, who are both members of the content creator group 100 Thieves.

The popular content creator Atsu (asianguystream) will also be making his return to the event, where he will now be joined by Antony Chen (antonychenn), who are both known for making content about the popular mobile game Genshin Impact.


James Reid

CONQuest 2023 will also showcase some mainstream artists for the first time, featuring the popular Filipino-Australian actor, model and record producer James Reid.

The event will also feature the South Korean indie-rock band The Rose, who is well-known for their hit singles “Sorry” in 2017 and “Red” in 2019.

Both Reid and The Rose are signed under Far East Movement’s record and talent agency Transparent Arts.


Popular virtual streamer Bao the Whale will also be making her appearance on the event for the second time.

Other content creators to be part of CONQuest 2023 includes gaming streamers Tuonto, BTMC, tsikyo and dish, as well as local talents like maggiekarp, Razzie Binx, Charess, Hiunghang Flashbacks, Sskait, aeonix and Libreng Komiks.


The organizers of CONQuest has also revealed several more information about the event, including the event venues and ticketing details.

CONQuest 2023 official website reveals that the upcoming event will be held at SMX Convention Center – Manila and the nearby Conrad Hotel, both inside the Mall of Asia Complex in Pasay City.


The website also revealed that there will be multiple ticketing tiers on-sale, which are the Daily Pass, Three-day Pass and the Premium Pass.

The Daily Pass, costing at PHP800 per day, will give you access to the event on each day, while the Three-day Pass, costing at PHP2,000, will give you access to the event for all three-days.

Ticket holders can also buy a Music Night add-on pass, which gives you access to a one-night concert event happening on Saturday, 3 June, costing at PHP5,000.

The Premium Pass, costing at PHP20,000, will give you access to the event for all three days, access to the Music Night event, priority for all meet-and-greets, and exclusive merch giveaways.

Tickets are currently on-sale exclusively through their payment platform on the event’s official website, No tickets will be sold on-site.


CONQuest set its roots in Iloilo City as it started as a high-school project in 2017, where it was held at a local events place for two years and attended by around 2,000 people.

After the formation of AcadArena in 2019, which is now composed of several student leaders across the country, the event has expanded to the Iloilo Convention Center and attended by over 8,000 attendees.


AcadArena hold the very first CONQuest event in Manila in July last year, which featured the organization’s Alliance Games Finals, where different schools battle out on different esports competitions, as well as technology showcase and community panels.

The event had also featured several personalities, including content creators Hydae, LilyPichu and Michael Reeves, voice actors Anne Yatco, Ratana and Christian Banas, and Vtubers Bao and Senz, among others.

It also featured several local talents and personalities, as well other activities like classic console play areas and cosplay competitions.