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EDITORIAL: Kyoto Animation, A Year After the Fire

Exactly last year, July 18 may just be an ordinary Thursday to some, but images of fire and black smoke that billowed in the Kyoto suburbs is something that people would never forget.

EDITORIAL: After HEROtv left the airwaves…

This time last year, ABS-CBN's Filipino language anime channel HEROtv, which was on air for more than 12 years at the time, had ceased broadcasting at exactly 12:04am of February 1st.

EDITORIAL: Is Facebook really turning a blind eye on Piracy?

The social networking site Facebook is once again in the spotlight on the technology scene, as well as mainstream news, because of the ever-popular Facebook Live platform.

EDITORIAL: BURNED OUT. Cosplay in the Philippines losing its luster?

If you attended a pop-culture convention in the country, you will surely see a lot of things that makes you feel that it is a bona fide convention, like booths, merchandises, food concessionaires and a stage. Any event that doesn't have any of those make some people either queasy or cringe worthy. No offense.

EDITORIAL: The Ozine Uncertainty

Few days left to the event, more details has not yet been announced. The public is anxiously waiting.

EDITORIAL: ON-AIR TONIGHT! Why not Japanese Anime on Late-nights?

Perception is different from reality, and it is time for a new kind of television revolution.

OZINE FEST 2014 – Learning Experience is Not an Excuse

It has been a month since Ozine Fest 2014, the event's 10th installment which was held for the first time at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. They have come a long way since their first ever event held at the Octagon Trade Hall of Robinsons Galleria in December of 2005.

Wasted Summer Yet Again

The dry season, better known as "summer" in the Philippines, is the time where a lot of people are taking some time-off. For most students, it is also the time when they take their well-earned rest after months devoting their blood, sweat & tears to studying. And for the ratings-hungry television industry, it is a chance to grab a sizable chunk of the aforementioned audiences. But it seemed terrestrial network ABS-CBN forgot about their anime fanbase again.

Hostility Doesn’t Help Everybody, Move On.

Pinoy "Otakus" just keep on pushing AniMEGA despite the fact that it is long gone.

Don’t Forget Our Culture, Weeaboos.

It was a very amusing sight to behold that these expatriates, who stayed in our country for either a few weeks or a couple of years (one contestant said that he has been in the country for five years) and now, calling our country as their second home.