Entrance gate to CONQuest 2022's main event halls. (Photo from Red Mendoza/Anime Pilipinas)

After many months of wait, the official social media accounts of CONQuest Festival has finally revealed the event dates for next year.

CONQuest 2023 is scheduled to be held on June 2-4, 2023, and they also confirmed that the event will be held in Manila for the second time, but the organizers have yet to reveal the venue—or venues—where the it will be held.


Ariane Lim, the co-founder and chief operating officer of the campus gaming organization AcadArena, who also organizes the popular esports, technology and pop-culture event, has revealed last September that they are already in the “planning” stages for the upcoming event.


CONQuest set its roots in Iloilo City as it started as a high-school project in 2017, where it was held at a local events place for two years and attended by around 2,000 people.

After the formation of AcadArena in 2019, which is now composed of several student leaders across the country, the event has expanded to the Iloilo Convention Center and attended by over 8,000 attendees.


Last July, AcadArena hold the very first CONQuest event in Manila, which featured the organization’s Alliance Games Finals, where different schools battle out on different esports competitions, as well as technology showcase and community panels.

The event had also featured several personalities, including content creators Hydae, LilyPichu and Michael Reeves, voice actors Anne Yatco, Ratana and Christian Banas, and Vtubers Bao and Senz, among others.

It also featured several local talents and personalities, as well other activities like classic console play areas and cosplay competitions.


You may check out our Event Recap video on CONQuest 2022 below: