EDITORIAL: BURNED OUT. Cosplay in the Philippines losing its luster?

If you attended a pop-culture convention in the country, you will surely see a lot of things that makes you feel that it is a bona fide convention, like booths, merchandises, food concessionaires and a stage. Any event that doesn't have any of those make some people either queasy or cringe worthy. No offense.

#RandomThought: Do I really need to explain the MTRCB again?

If you have been following opinion posts on Anime Pilipinas, you can probably say that we are definitely critical of the actions of a couple of Pinoy anime fans, but for a reason.

#RandomThought: I’m officially done with AniMEGA

The time for waiting may be over, so let's all pack our bags and just go.

EDITORIAL: The Ozine Uncertainty

Few days left to the event, more details has not yet been announced. The public is anxiously waiting.

DISPATCHES: Retaliation

So, Hero TV came guns a-blazing with their 2016 lineup, and I must say, the fan in me really really went up a notch. Look at...

DISPATCHES: The Pundit’s Hat for 2016

This is going to be a forecast of what to expect in the TV, Online and Events scene this year. And boy, I'm already saying, we're in for a great year this 2016.