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After two years in production, the Filipino-produced animated series Barangay 143 has finally shoot its way on-air.

DISPATCHES: A New Era with ABS-CBN’s New Leader

After more than 20 years as the man who led ABS-CBN to its most colorful era in its history. Eugenio Gabriel "Gabby" Lopez has decided to become the media giant's Chairman Emeritus and Board Consultant of the media titan.

#RandomThought: Have we found the sweet spot for anime on Philippine...

Japanese anime programs have been a fixture on Philippine TV since the 70's, which is why each of us has our own 'all-time' favorites. The older generation has Voltes V, while millennials like me has Yu Yu Hakusho (Ghost Fighter), while the younger generation has Naruto.


Picture this: November 2006, you are at the World Trade Center in Pasay City, it was a beautiful Saturday morning, a calm, cool, and warm Saturday morning. You skip your only morning Saturday subject in college to go to the venue.

OPINYON: Isang Pagbabalik-tanaw sa HEROtv

Sinasabi ng matangdang kasabihan na "Saka mo lamang mararamdaman ang kahalagaan ng isang tao o bagay kapag siya o ito ay mawawala na sa iyo." At sa nalalapit na pagpapaalam ng HEROtv, Sinasalamin nito ang naturang kasabihan.

Fireworks, Should We See It from the Side or the Bottom?

When a movie as good as Your Name establishes a benchmark of what a “quality” anime film is, expectations are bound to be set while disappointments are certain to haunt the succeeding flicks following that masterpiece.

VIOLET EVERGARDEN, A story of a girl looking for the meaning...

Most of the shows produced by KyoAni usually involve either Slice-of-life or School themes, but their latest work is something really different, and I believe that Violet Evergarden would be their best one yet.

DISPATCHES: A Courageous Gamble, Kapamilya Issues, and A Decade with the...

What's Next with TV5's Anime Gamble?, Musings from a Kapamilya, and A decade of reminiscing.

Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry

Taking place between the last two story arcs of the hit manga by Hiro Mashima, Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry is a movie generally intended for Fairy Tail’s most avid fans.

EDITORIAL: Is Facebook really turning a blind eye on Piracy?

The social networking site Facebook is once again in the spotlight on the technology scene, as well as mainstream news, because of the ever-popular Facebook Live platform.