ANYCOLOR Inc., the parent company of Virtual YouTuber agency Nijisanji, has announced on Friday that they have terminated the contract of Zaion LanZa.

The announcement comes more than a month after the company imposed an indefinite suspension on the her streaming and social media activities due to “repeated misconduct”.


In the statement, the company released more details on the VTuber’s alleged misconduct that resulted in Zaion LanZa’s termination, which includes matters related to video games to be played on stream, personal conduct among her colleagues and the management, and her behavior on personal social media accounts.

The statement also alleges that she made “offensive remarks regarding discrimination and sexual assault,” “falsely claiming to be sponsored by a brand during a stream,” “expressing her will to perform streams using illegal games (also referred to as pirate games),” and other unspecified actions that violates her contract.


As a result, Zaion LanZa is now the shortest tenured VTuber in Nijisanji English, who was an active member for three months, but streamed just two months after her debut and was suspended for a month.

As of press time, her official Twitter account has been made private and her Twitch and YouTube channels have been scrubbed of her video uploads and live streams, but her profile is still accessible on the Nijisanji website.

The company also announced that they will stop selling her merchandise and voice packs “shortly”.


Nijisanji English is the English language branch of the Virtual YouTuber agency Nijisanji, which was launched in December 2020.

Currently, Nijisanji EN is composed of 29 active members that are part of seven (7) generations or “waves”, and two “retired” members.

Zaion LanZa was part of the most recent wave, known as “XSOLEIL”, that made their debut on 10 December 2022, which also includes Doppio Dropscythe, Meloco Kyoran, Hex Haywire, Kotoka Torahime, and Ver Vermillion.