Dragon Ball was introduced to the Pop culture scene in the Philippines in the 80s, and it has then been a big part of a lot of our childhoods.

Everyone who has followed the anime has been enthralled with the comedy and action when it first aired, and the franchise is now ingrained into our psyche.

If you ask me, I could give several examples of some of these iconic scenes, such as the comedic antics of Son Goku and Krillin at Master Roshi’s (or Master Buten) Kame House, then the intense competition at the World Martial Arts Tournament and battles against Freeza, Cell and Majin Buu to save humanity from destruction.

That’s why it’s absolutely exciting that global Japanese retailer UNIQLO has introduced their brand new “History of Dragon Ball” UT line-up! There are seven designs to choose from, inspired by several arcs of the popular and well-loved franchise.


Son Goku Boy arc

There are two designs for the Son Goku arc. First, in a white tee, it features a young Bulma holding a gadget from Capsule Corporation in front of the tee, while young Bulma and Son Goku riding a motorcycle at the back.

Son Goku arc - Design 1 (Front) Son Goku arc - Design 1 (Back)

Second, a simple design with bright orange color, inspired by the Kame School uniform, featuring young Krillin and Son Goku, catching a glimpse of the action, in front of the Dragon Ball logo.

Son Goku arc - Design 2


Super Saiyan arc

Super Saiyan arc - Back Super Saiyan arc - Front

For the Super Saiyan arc, it features an intense battle between Son Goku and the Saiyan prince Vegeta in blue color, which is inspired by the latter’s battle clothes.

The back of the shirt shows the two adversaries face-to-face, as well as an image of Goku using Genki-dama to defeat Vegeta and transforming into the Great Ape. In front is a simple “Dragon Ball Z” logo.


Freeza arc

Freeza arc

Freeza arc shows a colored design in a black tee, featuring Son Goku and Freeza as he tries to dominate the world.

Their battles, as well as with other Super Saiyans, has certainly been one of the most memorable in the Dragon Ball franchise.


Androids arc

Androids arc

The Androids arc features a dual-colored design of Android 16, 17 and 18, created by the mad scientist Dr. Gero.

The design shows the combative nature of the twins Android 17 and 18, as well as the calm and gentle nature of Android 16.


Cell arc

Cell arc

The Cell arc is one of the important storylines in the Dragon Ball franchise as the main characters have married and raised a child, but a new enemy has arrived and hellbent on destruction and domination.

The design in a white tee shows Goku and Gohan enjoying their daily life outside of training and developing their strength to defeat Cell.


Buu arc

Buu arc

Last in this UT collection would be a design for the Buu arc in a purple tee, which shows the arch-nemesis Majin Buu in his original form, who has the goal of absorbing the strongest fighters alive to dominate the world.


UNIQLO’s new Dragon Ball UT collection is now available in all UNIQLO stores nationwide for only PhP790. You can also purchase your UTs online at uniqlo.com/ph or on the UNIQLO App. Those looking for special sizes can also access these online.

In addition, for every purchase of Dragon Ball UT in physical stores and online until 11 June 2023, you will also get a FREE Dragon Ball #WithUT sticker with Augmented Reality (AR) graphic, which can be seen on your smartphone!

For the full product listings, please check uniqlo.com/ph/en/special-feature/ut-collection/dragon-ball



This article is done in partnership with UNIQLO Philippines