King Amusement Creative, a label of Japanese record company King Records, has launched on Monday their new streaming project, Anileap.

Anileap is a brand new project that streams Japanese Anime songs from the company’s music library 24-hours a day and all year round, which will be available around the world through their YouTube channel.

The new project is also available as an on-demand curated playlist on several music streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music.


In a statement, the company described Anileap as a way of creating a community where everyone around the world to enjoy Japanese anime songs casually.

“It has been a place where users can encounter and rediscover Anime songs which are legendary in Anime song’s history or also some of the latest songs from the Reiwa era,” the statement adds.

The artists featured on the project includes Nana Mizuki, Yui Horie, Mamoru Miyano and Megumi Hayashibara, among others.


King Amusement Creative (KAC) have previously tested a beta version of the live streaming project in June last year, and the official Anileap project is identical, but with a different loop animation being shown at certain times of the day.


The animation for the streaming project is created by NOSTALOOK, who creates retro-style 80s and 90s animation on social media platforms. The group previously worked in music videos with mainstream artist, such as British artist Dua Lipa and Japanese boy band SEXY ZONE, as well as fashion brands overseas.

The project features the character “Leap-chan”, who they describe as a girl “who travels the universe, will show her various activities during her stay inside of the spacecraft while she is listening to the Anime songs.”


The company has released a promotional video of the Anileap streaming project, which you could see on the video below.


You could access the live streaming of Anileap on KAC’s official YouTube channel or through the video below.


For more details on King Amusement Creative, please visit their website at king-cr.jp or follow them on Twitter at @kac_officialhp.