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How ABS-CBN missed its opportunity to woo their Anime fanbase one more time.

The dry season, better known as “summer” in the Philippines, is the time where a lot of people are taking some time-off. For most students, it is also the time when they take their well-earned rest after months devoting their blood, sweat & tears to studying.

And for the ratings-hungry television industry, it is a chance to grab a sizable chunk of the aforementioned audiences. But it seemed terrestrial network ABS-CBN forgot about their anime fanbase again.

I’m not saying that we are important, since Japanese anime fans are still in the niche market & Free TV is targeting the broader audience, but the possibility of expanding the audience during the summer & tapping the potential are endless. However, it looks like this year is the one that got away, yet again.


For the last couple of months, Team Animazing has been in terrible shape. The last time that they have aired a new title was last February, but by that point on they are already on a shaky ground.

They have a solid line-up targeting the younger audience, the anime lined-up are Metal Fight Beyblade: Baku, Digimon Xros Wars and Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, with some Domo interstitial on the side.

But because of undisclosed reasons, the line-up was changed a few weeks later with Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s and… surprise, surprise… Mr. Bean: The Animated Series.

It gets worst until we get to this point. The morning line-up after Kris TV is now composed of Mr. Bean and the “Kapamilya Kiddie Blockbusters”. As you could see, Team Animazing timeblock has disappeared yet again.


I’ve heard countless times from my friend on how “Kapitan” Eugenio Lopez Jr. became such an innovator in Philippine media when he dared to introduce Coloured TV even if most of Filipinos still own Black & White sets, but I would like to ask what happened to that spirit?

Again, Japanese anime is not something that the networks usually get crazy on, because it is still a part of the niche market, but how did Yu Yu Hakusho (Ghost Fighter), Slam Dunk, Dragon Ball or Naruto got into the country’s hot anime property? I know that they have a bad rap at the moment because of multiple reruns, but hey… admit it, we all still watch them!

If ABS-CBN just devoted some of their strategy and time, maybe it could reach some degree of popularity to some viewers, but then again… it’s “lead-in” programming is that cringe-worthy talkshow so they are definitely going to have a big problem, and from what i have heard, it is an “untouchable” timeslot.

I’ve heard some reports that Naruto Shippuden’s sixth season will come in June, and I still think that its great news to Kapamilya anime fans, but I believe this summer has been another missed opportunity for them.


But one thing that really grinds my gears is, it’s not just ABS-CBN Channel 02 that got affected in this mess… Because their sister channel HEROtv seems to be taking a break from all the “best, fresh” titles.

Sure, we absolutely love all the “hot titles” they recently air, like Date A Live, Love Live! School Idol Project, and The Devil is a Part-Timer. The dubbing was not bad either.


But the momentum was cut short after their air The Devil is a Part-Timer last March, because the titles they aired on the next two months (Not trying to offend everybody, especially the network & the fans of the show) were not that appealing.

Some people had told me that they could have “spread the wealth”, and air each of the three titles on different months… but it seems they got a bit eager.

Hopefully, they will get back on track in the coming months… especially with some new titles, and maybe even some “Same Year as Japan” telecasts.


I don’t know whether it is something about their bureaucracy, lack of better ideas, or protecting their investment, but doing absolutely nothing tantamount to surrendering the timeslot.

For me, fighters do not quit and what is happening to ABS-CBN now does leave some bad taste in my mouth.

GMA Channel 07 is trying and experimenting with a lot of things, to a degree, but at least they still try to please its target audience… and not immediately fall back on some silly & repetitive program like Mr. Bean for not giving them the results that they want.

I’m still hoping for some change in mindset within ABS-CBN, but I guess not anytime soon. Someday.


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