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Southeast Asian anime channel ANIMAX Asia has revealed during Cosplay Mania 2019 on Saturday that the motorcycle racing anime Two Car: Racing Sidecar will premiere on the channel next month.

The show premieres on October 15, which airs every Monday and Tuesday at 08:00pm PHT, two episodes back-to-back. Same day encore telecast at 11:00pm PHT.

Photo from JM Melegrito / Anime Pilipinas


© Nicoichi / “TWO CAR” Project

Yuri Miyata and Megumi Meguro are two girls who enter the world of competitive motorcycle sidecar racing on Miyake Island. While they are the complete opposites of each other, and often butt heads, they complement each other well during races. The team will fight other motorcycle sidecar teams from all over Japan, each with their own opposing traits, such as honor student and working student, sadist and masochist, and a funny man and straight man. (Synopsis from Anime News Network)

Two Car: Racing Sidecar is a Japanese sports anime series focused on motorcycle sidecar racing, which was created by the animation studio Silver Link in commemoration of their 10th anniversary in 2017.


The show was directed by Masafumi Tamura, who previously directed the sci-fi action anime series Ange Vierge, while Baka and Test – Summon the Beasts scriptwriter Katsuhiko Takayama handled the series composition.

Yuki Sawairi, who previously worked in the romantic comedy anime Masamune-kun’s Revenge, handled the show’s character designs.

Two Car’s Japanese voice cast are lead by Aoi Koga (“Hanabi”, Naria Girls) as “Yuri Miyata” and Aimi Tanaka (“Umaru Doma”, Himouto! Umaru-chan) as “Megumi Meguro”.


ANIMAX Asia is available on SKYcable, Cignal TV, SatLite and GSAT, as well as several provincial cable providers nationwide. Check your local listings.

For the full schedule and other details, please visit their website at animax-asia.com.