ANIMAX Asia to air D.Gray-man anime series this February

Terrestrial broadcaster TV5 and the now-defunct anime channel HEROtv previously aired the anime series in 2010.

Southeast Asian anime channel ANIMAX Asia has announced in a television advertisement on Tuesday that the anime series D.Gray-man will air on the channel starting this month.

The anime will start on Tuesday, February 19, airing double episodes every Monday to Friday nights at 06:30pm (05:30pm JKT/BKK).

The anime will be available in Original Japanese audio with subtitles.




Allen Walker, a young man with a cursed eye, lives to destroy a weapon known as Akuma. These weapons created by the Milleneum Earl are sent out by his command to purge the world from humans. Allen Walker uses an anti-akuma weapon, Innocence, to counter the Earl’s attempts at destroying humanity. He travels to the Black Order by his mentor’s directions. There he meets with others who also fight against the Milleneum Earl’s plans. But more questions start to appear as Allen and his friends move further along to reach their goal. And these questions that seem to connect to Allen’s past. (Synopsis from Anime News Network)


D.Gray-man is the first anime adaptation of the popular manga series by Katsura Hoshino, which has been serialized by the publishing firm Shueisha since 2004, which currently has 26 volumes.

The first anime series was directed by Osamu Nabeshima, who also worked in the comedy anime CLAMP School Detectives, while Major scriptwriter Reiko Yoshida handled the series composition. Hideyuki Morioka, who worked on the sci-fi action anime Sakura Wars, handled the character designs, which was produced by TMS Entertainment.

Sanae Kobayashi, who voiced “Satsuki Kitaouji” in the romantic comedy anime series Ichigo 100%, portrayed the lead character “Allen Walker”.


D.Gray-man was first aired in the Philippines on TV5’s AniMEGA anime block in March 2010, but due to changes in the channel’s programming, the anime was unceremoniously stopped at Episode 82.

The now-defunct Filipino language anime channel HEROtv aired the 103-episode series in its entirety from November 2010 to March 2011.

Telesuccess Productions, which is a Philippine-based licensor that primarily focused on Asian content, distributed the show and handled its Filipino dubbing.


ANIMAX Asia previously aired the show’s sequel, D.Gray-man Hollow, on a simulcast basis during the Summer 2016 season.

The sequel was handled by a brand new staff and cast, including Ayumu Murase (“Yuuto Ijika”, Twin Star Exorcist) portraying the lead character “Allen Walker”, which was produced by TMS Entertainment.


ANIMAX Asia is available on SKYcable, Cignal TV, SatLite and GSat, and through several provincial cable providers nationwide. Check your local listings.