©Tadatoshi Fujimaki/SHUEISHA, Team Kuroko

As previously reported, terrestrial broadcaster ABS-CBN has announced that the third season of the popular basketball anime Kuroko’s Basketball was set to premiere on June 20, but was pre-empted by the Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

Anime Pilipinas has observed that the anime did not premiere on during the week that it was supposed to air. Also, the program was not listed on the Electronic Program Guide of the cable provider SKYcable, which is a sister company of the broadcaster.

Now it seems that the premiere of the anime has now been postponed indefinitely as the 09:00am timeslot, which was previously occupied by Naruto Shippuden, has been given to the morning talk show “Magandang Buhay” and expanded the talk show to 90 minutes.

We are still trying to get the side of ABS-CBN regarding this story.


The third season of Kuroko’s Basketball had its Philippine premiere on anime channel HEROtv, which is also the sister network of the terrestrial broadcaster, last December. The previous seasons of the anime was first aired on ABS-CBN, which was then followed by the anime channel a few months later.