So, Hero TV came guns a-blazing with their 2016 lineup, and I must say, the fan in me really really went up a notch.

Look at those titles, THEY ARE A GODSEND.

Just compare them with Animax Asia’s lineup right now, Now it’s peanuts.

From Shokugeki no Soma, to Buddy Complex, and AO HARU RIDE AND SHIGATSU WA KIMI NO USO, God damn it.

This is what you call, as a colleague points out, Money well spent.


Quo Vadis, ABS-CBN? 

You can put it this way, the money that was part of Balls Channel’s budget for 2016 was split between Sports and Action and Hero TV, ever since Balls went kaput in the New Year.

And with that additional financial muscle, Hero TV went all out in competing with Animax’s lineup this 2016.

It is also a good way to say the least that the ABS-CBN Integrated Acquisitions team is doing its job, unlike last year.

Now, the question still remains, Why the hell Hero’s big titles ARE NOT AIRING OR EVEN BEING TEASED AT THE PARENT NETWORK?

To quote a biblical quote in this context, Where are you going, ABS-CBN?

Care to explain Cory Vidanes, Lauren Dyogi and the whole ABS-CBN Broadcast Management team?


Scared of Failing 

Quite ironic that the titles that Hero TV has been airing the past year has not yet given the green light to air on Channel 2. Why the foreboding?

Is it because the network is still scared of failing? Are they not willing to let go of a prime space full of Tagalized movies? (Hey, the Tagalized movie concept is TV5’s idea, not yours)

Hey, look, its 2016, Times are changing, I thought ABS-CBN is the network who is ready to compete on all time blocks via a varied range of formats?

GMA is going to air some anime shows in 2016, and they are doing the “retro” route. Why not counterpoint that with something new, something fresh, and something unique.

With your current mindset, the audience will bore in no time.


Prepaid agony 

Have you checked out SkyCable’s Prepaid Plans? Are you subscribed to one? Did you noticed that something is amiss on Plan 99, 299 or 499?

When you look at SkyCable’s prepaid plans, Almost all of the ABS-CBN Cable Channels, and even the ABS-CBN DTT Subchannels CineMo and Yey! are available on the prepaid plans, except for one.

Yes, you saw it, Hero TV is NOT available on SkyCable’s prepaid plans.

Basically, (and this is my hunch) Hero TV is making sure the audience gets what they want by securing themselves in the Postpaid tier like Animax (though the ironic thing here is, Animax Philippines is available on Cignal and GSat’s prepaid plans)

But isn’t it a bit discriminating that the only youth channel available on this tier is Yey!, which is a confusing mishmash of worthless and nonsense kids programming?

Hey, Hero TV Management, spare those people subscribed on the Prepaid plans of their agony. Put the channel as part of the Prepaid tier, just like before.

Trust me, the market who chose the more value for money offer of SkyCable will get even more value because of your explosive titles this 2016.

And not only that, you could even get a much more wider audience, very very soon. *wink*


A serious offer 

Lastly, Being a fan of Your Lie in April, I am personally offering myself to executive produce the Anime. I’m dead serious.

Yeah, I know I am not even worthy to become an executive producer, much even more a segment producer or even a researcher, but believe me, I have so much faith in the title that it deserves even a Primetime Bida airing on Channel 2.

I even handicapped the show to get an average of 34 to 37 on the Overnights, and the finale, a possible 50.

Just give me the carte blanche to choose who will play Kousei, Kaori, Ryota and Tsubaki, Their acting should not just only reflect how would they understand the role, but also put their roles in their hearts, much like how the original Japanese VA’s touched me to the very core.

But, as though I wanted to EP the show outright, I’ll only accept it, even without any remuneration, on one condition.

Air it SIMULCAST on Channel 2, Regional Network Group, ABS-CBN HD, Yey and Hero TV.

You won’t get not only boffo ratings, but also respectability to a network plagued with inconsideration over anime since time immemorial.

So what would you say? Take it, or leave it?