Photo from Pinky Lu Xun's Facebook page

Indonesian cosplayer Pinky Lu Xun is set to return once again for Cosplay Mania ’14: Evolution, marking her third visit to the country’s largest cosplay-centric event.

In a Facebook post shared Saturday, announced that Lu Xun will be joining other announced guests like Singaporean cosplayers Vic Kumiko and Jesuke, Cure Cosplay administrator Tatsumi Inui and J-pop artist Aya Ikeda for Cosplay Mania JAM.

Lu Xun said on her Facebook account after the announcement  that she is excited to come back in what she calls as her “second country”.


Photo from Cosplay Mania’s Facebook Page


Lu Xun made her first trip outside Indonesia for Cosplay Mania 2011, and she felt the warm hospitality that was given to her by the event attendees.

“I feel so happy to be here, all the Filipino cosplayer[s] are great. I like the food, I like the people, I like everything here” she once said in an interview in 2011.

She returned last year for Cosplay Mania ’13: Overdrive, where she judged the Group Cosplay Competition alongside Vic Kumiko and Katrina Langomez.

Details on her meet-and-greet session may be announced in the coming days.