GMA Network to premiere “Yo-kai Watch Shadowside” anime in 2020

Broadcaster also announced new seasons of One Piece, Toriko and Yo-kai Watch to air this year, Dragon Ball Super started last January 6.

Philippine terrestrial broadcaster GMA Network has announced in a video on Wednesday that Yo-kai Watch Shadowside will make its free-to-air premiere in 2020.

The broadcaster also revealed that they also set to air new seasons of Yo-kai Watch, One Piece and Toriko as part of their programming lineup for this year.

Dragon Ball Super, the latest anime series of the popular Dragon Ball franchise, made its Philippine television premiere on their flagship channel last January 6, surprisingly, without any promotion or fanfare.


Yo-kai Watch Shadowside
妖怪ウォッチ シャドウサイド
©LEVEL-5 / YOKAI WATCH Project • TV Tokyo

Keisuke is a fifth grader who does not believe in ghosts, UFOs, or even yo-kai. Lately, he has noticed that Natsume has been coming home late, and one day decides to tail her. When he discovers that Natsume goes to a yo-kai detective agency, Natsume is forced to involve Keisuke in her activities. (Synopsis from Anime News Network)

Yo-kai Watch Shadowside is a supernatural anime series and sequel to the original Yo-kai Watch anime series, which is based on the role-playing video game series developed by Nintendo and published by Level-5, which was first released for the Nintendo 3DS platform in Japan on July 2013 and North America in November 2015.

Unlike the previous anime adaptation, focusing on comedic skits, Yo-kai Watch Shadowside had a more mature and darker take on the franchise, which focused more on drama and conflict.

Yo-kai Watch scriptwriter Yoichi Kato and character designer Toshiya Yamada returned to work on the anime series, which was produced by animation studio OLM. Fumiya Kitajou, who worked in the Ultimate Psychic Squad series, served as the new director of the series.

Southeast Asian anime channel ANIMAX Asia has previously aired the anime series in June last year.


Dragon Ball Super

With Majin Buu defeated, Goku has taken a completely new role as a…radish farmer?! With Earth at peace, our heroes have settled into normal lives. But they can’t get too comfortable. Far away, a powerful God awakens to a prophecy revealing his demise at the hands of a formidable being. When his search for the Saiyan God brings him to Earth, can Goku and his friends take on their strongest foe yet? (Synopsis from Funimation)

Dragon Ball Super is a television anime series by Akira Toriyama, creator of the Dragon Ball franchise, which serves as the sequel to the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z anime series featuring a new storyline.

The anime series is produced by Toei Animation, which ran on Japanese television from July 2015 to March 2018 with a total of 131 episodes, but the company did not indicate if they have plans to continue its run or end the show entirely.

The defunct animation channel Toonami Asia had aired the first season of the series in January 2017.