GMA-7 to premiere Assassination Classroom’s Second Season on October 14

Free-to-air broadcaster aired the first season in March last year, under the title "Invincible Teacher".

Philippine terrestrial broadcaster GMA Network has announced in a television advertisement on Friday that the second season of Assassination Classroom will premiere on their flagship free-to-air channel starting next week.

The new season is set to premiere on October 14, airing every Monday to Friday mornings at 08:00am, right after the breakfast show “Unang Hirit”.

The broadcaster will continue to refer to the new season by its alternate title Invincible Teacher, which they used when the first season of the popular show premiered in March last year.



It’s time for second term, and the assassination classroom is ready for a semester filled with intense training, studying, and new ways to kill their teacher. But even their most creative plans are falling flatter than a two-ton pudding. That is, until a powerful student decides to come back to class! Koro Sensei’s days may finally be numbered. As their skills grow, so does their confidence. But will this lead to a successful assassination or reckless missteps that land them in trouble? They’ll have to keep their attitudes in check because a dangerous lesson with the Reaper awaits them. Not to mention clashing against A Class in another harsh round of midterms! Through it all, they’ll have to face a question more challenging than any final exam – do they save the world or save the world’s greatest teacher… (Synopsis from Madman Entertainment)

Assassination Classroom Season 2 is the second anime adaptation of the Japanese sci-fi action manga series by Yusei Matsui, which was serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine from July 2012 to March 2016. The manga has a total of 21 volumes.

The staff from the first season, including director Seiji Kishi, scriptwriter Makoto Uezu and character designer Kazuaki Morita, returned to work on the second season, which was produced by Lerche.

Philippine-based licensor Telesuccess Productions handled the distribution and Tagalog dubbing of the popular anime series.


Southeast Asian anime channel ANIMAX Asia premiered Assassination Classroom Season 2 in July 2017, which is the follow-up to their first season aired in January 2016.

The Philippine licensor previously made the first season available for the first time in Tagalog dubbing through the video streaming platform iflix.