Singaporean cosplayer BoiledCurry portraying "Rei Ayanami" of Neon Genesis Evangelion. (Photo from Facebook / Braised Egg Photography / BoiledCurry)

Event organizer has announced during Cosplay Carnival on Sunday the first wave of special guests for the 11th staging of their flagship event, Cosplay Mania 2019.

Japanese cosplay duo VENaS Japan and Singaporean cosplayers REA KAMI and BoiledCurry will be making their debut Philippine visit at the event. President Pablo Bairan says their first wave of announcements is just the beginning for the event, which is entering its second decade after celebrating its 10th anniversary last year.

Bairan also revealed that about 40,000 people from across the globe were on hand to witness Cosplay Mania’s 10th year, the first to be held at  SMX Convention Center – Manila’s Main Halls after being in the Function Rooms for most of its existence.


VENaS Japan
Japanese cosplay duo VENaS Japan portraying “Rin Matsuoka” and “Sosuke Yamazaki” of Free! Iwatobi Swim Club. (Photo from

VENaS Japan is composed of crossdressing cosplayer duo Naoya Kirihara and Martha Asahi.

The cosplay duo are known for their cosplays from Danganronpa, Black Butler and Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, and have been invited into different events in the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia not only to showcase their cosplay prowess, but to speak in different conferences about their craft.

They are currently ranked at 14506 at Cure’s World Cosplay rankings.



Singaporean cosplayer REA KAMI portraying "Kaori Miyazono" of Your Lie in April. (Photo from

REA KAMI is a cosplayer from Singapore who has portrayed different characters like Kotori Minami, Nozomi Tojo and Umi Sonoda from Love Live! School idol project and Shuuya Kano of Mekakucity Actors, among others.

She is one of the featured cosplayers of Singapore-based anime licensor ODEX in 2018.

She is currently ranked at 12302 on the World Cosplay rankings, with a following on social media of almost 14,000 likes on her Facebook page.



Singaporean cosplayer BoiledCurry portraying "Hotaru Shidare" of Dagashi Kashi. (Photo from Facebook / One Cloud / BoiledCurry)

Karen, also known as “BoiledCurry” to most people, has started cosplaying in 2013 and has become one of the most recognizable faces in the world of cosplay.

She has portrayed characters from Love Live! School idol project, Tokyo Ghoul and The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls, and is known to her followers as a big fan of the popular series JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure.

She is currently ranked 3362 at the WorldCosplay rankings, but has a huge following on social media with almost 30,000 likes on Facebook and over 48,500 followers on Instagram.


The next wave of guest for Cosplay Mania 2019, as well as other important details, including the ticketing tiers and other activities, may be announced on the Anime and Cosplay Expo (ACX) event, happening this June 8-9 at the SMX Convention Center – Manila in Pasay City.

Cosplay Mania 2019 will happen on September 29-30, also at the SMX Convention Center – Manila, and you may visit their official website at and on their official Facebook page at for more details.