The day that everyone has been waiting for is just a few days away! The popular all-female rock group SCANDAL will finally perform in Manila for the first time this Sunday, June 24.

Tickets for “Emperor’s Pass” and Fan Meet has been sold out for quite a while now, but General Admission tickets are still available!


Of course, we know that there are still those who may need some education on why the rock group is so popular. We don’t plan to bore you with reasons and their accomplishments, as it’s better to learn about the band through what they do best, their music.

You could say that this is our “Starter Pack for the SCANDAL band”, these are Five Songs to Introduce SCANDAL to Beginners!


1Shojo S

Surely, most people have been aware about SCANDAL when the song “Shojo S” came out in 2009, which was used as the 10th opening theme song of the popular sci-fi action anime Bleach.

The melody used in this song is somewhat reminiscent of a pop song, but its lyrics are all about loving someone and getting hurt. Definitely something to listen to.


2 Shunkan Sentimental

If you’re a fan of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, you can never, ever forget the song “Shunkan Sentimental”. The song was played almost everywhere in 2010, whether it’s an online radio or a ‘battle of the bands’ competition in an anime event.

The song is about someone in love despite all odds, but we think what attracted people to the song was the strong use of guitar mixed with synthesizers, which shouts pop-rock without sounding too much pop.



“Harukaze”, which was the 15th and final opening theme song of the anime Bleach, is about goodbyes and moving on.

The song definitely fits the theme, where the show ended after seven years of airing with 366 episodes, but the making it upbeat just says that ‘even if we finally says goodbye, we will do it with a smile’.

The guitar playing on this song, together with the vocals, blends quite perfectly.


4Yoake no Ryuuseigun

“Yoake no Ryuuseigun” (A Meteor Shower at Dawn) was released in 2014, and you just want to sway your head or clap your hands while listening to it.

The song’s melody feels like it’s a fun song, but the lyrics indicate that it’s about remembrance, reminds me of the saying ‘It’s not goodbye, just see you later’.


5Take Me Out

Lastly, the song that we recommend for beginners would be “Take Me Out”, which was released on their latest album “Honey” earlier this year.

The song is quite catchy, fast-paced, and fun. The guitar playing on this song, together with the beats coming from the drums, is amazing. It definitely gives the vibe of fun pop song, without the conventional sounds of pop.


Do you agree with our Starter Pack? If you have other song suggestions for beginners, let us know in the comments!


SCANDAL ASIA TOUR 2018 “HONEY” IN MANILA is happening this Sunday, June 24, at Function Room 5 of SMX Convention Center – Manila at the Mall of Asia complex in Pasay City. This special event has been organized by Primetrade Asia, Inc.

For tickets, you may buy them online through SM Tickets at VIP Pass and General Admission Tickets are still available!

Anime Pilipinas is an Official Media Partner of SCANDAL ASIA TOUR 2018 “HONEY” IN MANILA.