The dreaded day has arrived. Filipino language anime channel HEROtv has officially signed-off for the final time on Thursday, February 1, at just four minutes after midnight.

Several personalities, including voice actors, have expressed their sadness on social media on the untimely closure of The First and Only Filipino-dubbed Anime Channel.


Myrtle Sarrosa

Popular cosplayer and ABS-CBN artist Myrtle Sarrosa was HEROtv’s anime jock since 2012, and she was one of the people who gave their final goodbye to the channel on a special live stream last Wednesday.

In a post on her Facebook page last January 25, she expressed that the anime channel had inspired her to cosplay, as well as reflecting on the changing times in the anime community.


Ryan Ang

TV5 journalist Ryan Ang has expressed on his Facebook account that they have learned to expand their writing, acting, and pronunciation skills because of the anime channel.

He has thanked several people behind the channel for trusting him to work on some of their shows, as a voice actor and dubbing director.

He also says that he had become friends with many people because of HEROtv.


Danny Mandia

Danny Mandia has been a long-time dubbing director of ABS-CBN shows, and has been a part of HEROtv from the very start.

He says that a start of something better will happen, even after the anime channel closes.


Rikki Quiapon

Rikki Quiapon, better known as “Riku”, is a video game enthusiast and Twitch streamer. But before becoming a well-known personality in the e-Sports industry, she became a voice actor.

She had voiced several characters including “Akatsuki” in Log Horizon and “Naho Takimiya” in Orange.


Eric Go

Eric Go was the Channel Manager of HEROtv when the channel was launched in 2005 until 2007. After working in the television industry, he has recently set-up his own production company.

In a message to Anime Pilipinashe has given this statement:

I am saddened and downhearted, a far cry from when I was proud to have headlined a small but amazing and hardworking team that started the first Philippine anime channel. It was fulfilling to connect with a lot of fans that shared the same passion that I did, from the anime that we showcased, our active forums, and anime conventions.

When I left HeroTV, I was confident it was in good hands. Unfortunately, some good things are never meant to last.

And though it is always difficult to know that something I’ve loved and worked tirelessly for is now at its end, I know in time I will look back and have only the fondest memories of my time at HeroTV; and of course, to everyone who supported HeroTV, Robert Wong, Pablo Bairan and all, the million anime fans, dahil KAYO PA RIN ANG BIDA.

He was also in attendance during the channel’s final live stream, together with the anime channel’s current staff.

HEROtv Former Channel Manager Eric Go, together with channel staff, during their farewell online stream. (Photo from Eric Go)


The Filipino language anime channel has certainly made an impact in the local anime scene for the past 12 years, and we are sure that HEROtv’s legacy will live on… unless they are planning something big.

Loading screen showing on HEROtv’s sign-off montage.

We’ll see what happens next.