The Japan Foundation Manila is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its Japanese Film Festival, better known as EIGASAI, this July which also happens to be the Philippine-Japan Friendship Month. To mark this momentous occasion, 20 remarkable films will be shown, ranging from animation, drama, comedy, documentary to horror. Screenings will be held in Manila, Bacolod, Iloilo, Baguio, Cebu, and Davao.

EIGASAI 2017 will officially commence on July 6, Thursday, at the Shangri-La Plaza, and will run until August 29, 2017.  For the first time in the history of the Japanese Film Festival, not just one, but three movies dubbed in Tagalog will be featured.  This is made possible in cooperation with TMC, Tagalized Movie Channel.

“Sadako vs. Kayako” is up for screening on July 14, 1:30 PM at Edsa Shang Cineplex.  It is followed by the theatrical debut of the Tagalized “If Cats Disappeared from the World” at 4:30 PM, and “Bakuman” at 7:30 PM.

In “Sadako vs. Kayako”, a university student plays a cursed video and unleashes the evil within, while a high school student enters the cursed house where people have gone missing.  Critics have called this “one of the best looking ‘Ringu’ or ‘Ju-On’ movie made in a while,” with high production values and wonderful special effects.  Director Shiraishi Koji orchestrates the film’s scream-inducing traditional scares.

“If Cats Disappeared from the World” tells the story of a dying postman who strikes a deal with the devil.  Every time he allows the devil to erase something from the face of the earth, he will get to live another day.  But those that are being taken away are associated with the people dear to him.  Japanese superstar Takeru Satoh, who now has a strong fan base in the Philippines, stars in the leading role.

Satoh is joined by the equally popular Ryunosuke Kamiki in “Bakuman”, the live action adaptation of the coming-of-age manga series which portrays the struggles of two friends who want to become successful manga creators.  It won the Popularity Award, Outstanding Achievement in Film Editing, and Outstanding Achievement in Music at the 39th Japan Academy Prize (2016).

Admission is free on a first-come, first-served basis. Viewers are encouraged to enjoy this special treat as all three movies have yet to premiere on Philippine TV.



TMC (TAGALIZED MOVIE CHANNEL) is available on Sky Cable Digital Ch. 80, Destiny Analog Ch 74 in Mega Manila and in all other key cities and towns nationwide. TMC is powered by Viva Communications, Inc. and is the sister Pay TV channel of the top-rated PINOY BOX OFFICE (PBO) and VIVA – HOME OF THE STARS.

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