Let me get this first out of the way, I’m sure most Filipino anime fans would agree with me that programming on Free TV is not fair.

These past couple of years, you will definitely notice that there is almost no variety on things that are being shown on free-to-air television. For example, those primetime dramas filled with same recycled storyline, innuendo-filled comedy shows and ridiculous “reality” shows. It is unfortunate, but that’s reality.

Since free-to-air television is targeted to all audiences, we all know that it is the job of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) to see if the programs shown on television will be appropriate to all audiences, especially to minors.

But why is it some anime fans think that the government agency is the one to blame on why their shows are not being aired in full entirety? How did they become the whipping boy of some “Pinoy Otaku” despite the fact that most editorial decisions are actually not their fault?


In case most of you don’t remember, we have interviewed Ms. Grace Poe-Llamanzares, who was the then-chairperson of the MTRCB and now Philippine Senator, during her time at the agency in 2011.

She clarified to us from the very start that the government agency’s mandate is “not to censor, [but] to classify based on age-appropriate classifications” as there are shows that “adults can understand and children are not prepared to watch.”

She also recognized then that Japanese anime programming are different from “General Animation”, because of its deep themes and storylines.


Atty. Eugenio “Toto” Villareal took the reins from Poe-Llamanzares in 2012, but they have been embroiled in several questionable actions, albeit over-reactions, including the “butt exposure” of an episode of the live-action Mr. Bean series, which resulted with ABS-CBN having a mandatory conference in 2013, despite the fact that the show was airing since the late 90’s and had multiple repeat airings, as well as the agency’s role in advising news organizations on how to report a tragedy like Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan).

And more recently, the agency took notice of the remake of soap opera Pangako Sa’yo for uttering a word that is said to be “inappropriate” for TV audiences. The word in question? The Filipino slang word for “libido”, which was used in a dialogue.

Despite all that, I still believe that the MTRCB is just doing their duty to the public. They are not biased against a certain program or genre.


But for some reason, the government agency is still the lightning rod of all the things to blame by “Pinoy Otaku”, just because they don’t get all the things they want.

I stumbled on this post by some weeaboo page on Facebook, pointing to the airing of Fushigi Yuugi’s OVA series, which was recently aired on TV5.

They are talking about an episode of Fushigi Yuugi OVA 2, which includes some nudity, extreme violence and an implied rape scene… those scenes may be okay for DVD/BD only episodes, but that is definitely a big no-no on Free TV.


I find it really irritating that just because there are several cuts on the show, these “otakus” already jumped to conclusion that it is MTRCB’s fault, but what they don’t know is possibly the broadcaster or the licensor has made an editorial decision to self-censor any show that is beyond the “Rated PG” to make it appropriate for all audiences.

I’ll give them a pass for that because it is something that they don’t know, but what they have said next really ticked me off.

Photo from Facebook
Photo from Facebook

This “jejetaku” page administrator is basically saying that kids in this generation are into sex, so why hide it? That argument is garbage and absolutely stupid.

Times may have changed, with television shows & music videos exposing everyone to sex and violence in the pop-culture, but that does not mean you’ll just blatantly expose young people to it!

I’m neither a psychology major nor an expert in this matter, but based on what I have read, young children who have been exposed in pornography and other explicit material at a very young age may lead to a mental disorder, or risk of becoming sexual deviants when they grow up.

This is the very reason why every parent or guardian must exercise caution when watching television or participating in any activities.


It is sad that these people feels so entitled that they think they should watch the whole show on TV, without cuts or censors, but they do not realize the ramifications of other people, especially young children, watching those kinds of shows.

Quite frankly, that one comment is right… if that person wants to watch the whole thing, why not watch it online?

Oh wait, these are the same people who demand networks like ABS-CBN or TV5 to air those kinds of shows just because they saw it on illegal streams, but they are also the first people who whines & complains about it when they do not get the treatment they feel “entitled” to see.

Such logic… but then again, they probably just need some Strong Parental Guidance.


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