Popular Cosplayer-Blogger KAIKA as Koko Mogami from the popular shoujo anime Skip Beat! (Photo from The Cosplay Chronicles)

Primetrade Asia Inc, the organizers of the annual Best of Anime event, has announced on their Facebook page on Wednesday that Singaporean cosplayer and blogger Kaika will arrive to the event as one of their guests.

Kaika joins Thai cosplayer Onnies and J-pop artist and J-MELO host Joe Inoue in the convention slated to be held on September 20 and 21 at the SMX Convention Center Function Rooms 3 and 4.


Kaika is a noted cosplayer and blogger whose blog, The Cosplay Chronicles“, has garnered a significant following. Her bio in her blog states that she “has been in the hobby for well, quite some time and is active in exploring, sharing and promoting this hobby.”

In an interview with ANIMAX Asia’s Ani-Mate Rhianna Floresca, She says that she went into cosplay as early as 1998, when she first joined an event in Singapore that catered to Cosplay.

“I wanted to have a platform to share and talk about cosplay as a respected hobby/activity by itself. I wanted to focus on it and shed light on it on a dignified manner. I wanted to share it as a form of art…Cosplay is very easy to be misinterpreted. It’s my way to put my opinions somewhere and I thought that this was the best place to get started with.” She answered on why she created the blog.

Her blog features Cosplay tutorials, interviews and snippets on cosplay lifestyle, among others. She also has a YouTube channel which has 20,000 subscribers while some of her tutorial videos have  garnered at least 20,000 views.


Kaika has been a previous Manila visitor, having visited Cosplay Network Philippines’ event Fantasy Quest II event in 2012, where she was joined by other guests like Reiko, Viospace and Yuegene Fay.

Her schedule includes a Meet and Greet session from 01:00pm to 03:00pm, then a performance from 03:00pm to 03:15pm and will be judging the All Star Cosplay Competition with Onnies from 03:30pm to 04:15pm on September 20, the first day of the event.


Photo from The Best Of Anime’s Facebook Page

Tickets for the event cost PhP300 per day (Estimated USD6.93) if sold on-site on the event from September 17-21 and PhP280 (Estimated USD6.46)  per day or PhP500 (Estimated USD11.54) for two days during the pre-selling period which has started last July 16. Kaika’s meet and greet session costs PhP500, (Estimated USD11.54)  which is on top of the announced ticket prices.

Tickets are available at the Primetrade Asia Inc. office or can be reserved online