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Primetrade Asia has announced on their Facebook page on Friday that the popular cosplayer Onnies will be one of the guests of their upcoming event The Best of Anime 2014 this September.

Onnies will be joined by Japanese rock artist Joe Inoue, who is set to return to the country for the third time. He will be hosting the event, as well as performing his new songs.

Photo from Best of Anime‘s Facebook page


She is set to perform on the event’s first day, September 20, and will be judging the finals of the BoA Inter-school Cosplay Competition, as well as the All-Star Cosplay Competition between 02:00pm to 04:30pm.

During the second day on September 21, she will conduct a meet-and-greet session & workshop between 03:30pm to 05:00pm.


Onnies is a popular cosplayer from Thailand with Chinese origins, and she is currently ranked as Number 29 on the rankings.

She had cosplayed male & female characters, and the popular ones (based on the “likes” of includes Junko Enoshima (Danganropa franchise), Neko (K series), Elen Jagger (Attack on Titan), and Satsuki Kiryuin (Kill la Kill).

Thai cosplayer Onnies as Eren Jagger from the highly-popular series Attack on Titan. (Photo from
Thai cosplayer Onnies as Eren Jagger from the highly-popular series Attack on Titan. (Photo from


As previously reported, pre-sell admission tickets will be sold for PhP280 (less than USD6.50) for one day and PhP500 (less than USD11.50) for both days of the event, which can be bought until September 16.

Regular “on-site” admission tickets, on the other hand, will be sold for PhP300 (less than USD7) per day, which can be bought from September 17 – 21.

The attendees also get be a part of Onnie’s meet-and-greet session by upgrading to the V.I.P. ticket, which will be an additional PhP500 per artist.


Joe Inoue, on the other hand, has posted a video on YouTube last week regarding his return to the event, and also gave a sneak peek on new songs he will perform.

He is set to perform on the second day, September 21st, between 05:30pm to 06:15pm.


Based on the image posted by Primetrade Asia, another international cosplayer will be announced in the coming days, as well as a Japanese visual kei band which will perform on the event.

Photo from Best of Anime's Facebook page
Photo from Best of Anime’s Facebook page


SOURCE: Primetrade Asia