Photo from Cosplay Mania Facebook page

Two-day Cosplay Mania JAM concert accessible by either Gold tickets or ₱250 ticket upgrade. has provided more information regarding the tiered ticketing system for its flagship event Cosplay Mania ’14.

The event’s official website reveals that although the Silver and Bronze tickets will have the same benefits as in previous year’s events, the ₱400 Gold tickets will include passes to the event’s Cosplay Mania JAM concert.

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Silver and Bronze ticket holders can also attend the concert by paying an additional ₱250 on top of their one-day passes.

This means that Bronze tickets can be upgraded for the same price as a Gold ticket, while Silver ticket holders are at a disadvantage if they decide to watch the concert as they will have to pay ₱500 in total.

The FAQ on the event’s website clarifies that all quoted prices are for one-day admission only, and no two-day passes will be offered.


Meanwhile, a very reliable source tells Anime Pilipinas that Cosplay Mania JAM will be held on both days of the event in SMX Function Hall 5.

It is assumed that there may be more than one Japanese artist that is set to perform in the concert.