©2014 Yana Toboso/SQUARE ENIX
©2014 KUROSHITSUJI movie Production Committee

Film distributor in talks with SM for possible promotional activities.

Axinite Digicinema, the local distributor for the live-action film adaptation of Black Butler, has confirmed to Anime Pilipinas that the movie will be screened exclusively by SM Cinema starting on Wednesday, July 23.

The movie distributor also posted a teaser image  on its Facebook page.

©Yana Toboso/SQUARE ENIX, Kuroshitsuji Project
©Yana Toboso/SQUARE ENIX, Kuroshitsuji Project


In an email message, Axinite also says they are coordinating with SM Cinema in planning for possible activities promoting the film.

The movie, which features an all-original story set in the future, premiered in Japan on January 18 this year. It stars Hiro Mizushima as Sebastian Michaelis, Ayame Goriki as Sebastian’s new master Shiori, and Mizuki Yamamoto as their maid Lin.