©2014 Yana Toboso/SQUARE ENIX
©2014 KUROSHITSUJI movie Production Committee

Axinite Digicinema handles film distribution; movie to be shown exclusively on SM Cinema.

SM Cinema has announced on its Facebook page that it will exclusively screen the live-action movie adaptation of Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) in the Philippines.

Axinite Digicinema is locally distributing the movie, which is based from the supernatural-mystery manga of the same name by Yana Toboso. Axinite says in its own announcement that the film will premiere this July.

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While the original manga is set in 19th century England, this new film is set more than 130 years later in 2020, in an Asian city where Western and Asian cultures freely intermingle. Since only males can take the reins of the Phantomhive family, Shiori dons male clothes and the name Kiyoharu Genpou to lead the massive Phantom Corporation. (Synopsis from Anime News Network)

The film, which features an all-original story set in the future, premiered in Japan on January 18 this year and is produced by Warner Bros. Pictures Japan. It stars Hiro Mizushima as Sebastian Michaelis, Ayame Goriki as Sebastian’s new master Shiori, and Mizuki Yamamoto as their maid Lin.


©Yana Toboso/SQUARE ENIX, Kuroshitsuji Project
©Yana Toboso/SQUARE ENIX, Kuroshitsuji Project


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