Local pay TV provider Cignal TV has announced on Tuesday that they are adding ANIPLUS Asia on their channel lineup starting next year.

The anime channel will be seen in standard definition on Channel 75, starting January 4, 2021.


The pay TV provider has yet to announce its minimum plan where the anime channel be available, and if the channel will also be available through their over-the-top streaming service, Cignal Play.

In addition, the pay TV provider will also add the Korean entertainment channel K-PLUS, which is the sister channel of ANIPLUS Asia, as well as nine others.


Cignal TV will be the third major subscription service in the country to carry the anime channel to its lineup.

SKYcable, which is owned by multimedia company ABS-CBN, is the first major provider to carry the anime channel in May 2017. GSAT Direct TV was the second provider to add the channel to their lineup in October 2018, but was removed last October due to “end of carriage agreement”.

The anime channel is also being seen in several pay TV providers nationwide though channel distribution partners.


ANIPLUS Asia was launched in November 2013, and is the Southeast Asian counterpart of the South Korean anime channel Aniplus TV. The channel has been instrumental in airing big-name titles like Attack on Titan, Knight of Sidonia and The [email protected]

Recently, the anime channel is known to air Bungo Stray Dogs, DARLING in the FRANXX, The Rising of the Shield Hero and Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, among others.