©2017 Akihito Tsukushi, TAKESHOBO / MADE IN ABYSS Partners

Pan-Asian streaming service iflix has added on Monday four new anime titles to their streaming lineup, including the popular sci-fi adventure series Made in Abyss.

The streaming service has also added the sci-fi comedy short Space Battleship Tiramisu S1, romance series Libra of Nil Admirali and anthology film Manie-Manie.

All episodes of the series can be streamed for free with a registered account.


Made in Abyss
©2017 Akihito Tsukushi, TAKESHOBO / MADE IN ABYSS Partners

The “Abyss” is the last unexplored region, an enormous and treacherous cave system filled with ancient relics and strange creatures. Only the bravest of adventurers can traverse its depths, earning them the nickname, “Cave Raiders.” Within the depths of the Abyss, a girl named Riko stumbles upon a robot who looks like a young boy. Tantalized by the Abyss, Riko and her new friend descend into uncharted territory to unlock its mysteries, but what lies in wait for them in the darkness? (Synopsis from Sentai Filmworks)

Made in Abyss is an anime adaptation of a sci-fi adventure manga series by Akihito Tsukushi, which is being published by Takeshobo in Web Comic Gamma since 2012 and currently has eight volumes.


The anime adaptation was directed by Masayuki Kojima, who previously worked on the slice-of-life comedy series Yuyushiki, while Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens scriptwriter Hideyuki Kurata handled series composition.

Kazuchika Kise, who worked on anime shows like xxxHOLiC and Ghost in the Shell: Arise, handled character designs, which was produced by Kinema Citrus.

Miyu Tomita, who portayed “Gabriel” in the comedy anime Gabriel DropOut, voiced “Riko” and Mariya Ise, who portayed “Killua Zoldyck” in the 2011 anime adaptation of the popular series Hunter × Hunter, voiced “Reg”.

You can watch Made in Abyss on the iflix app on your device, or through this link: iflix.com/title/show/19152


Space Battleship Tiramisu
©2017 Satoshi Miyagawa, Kei Itou, Shinchosha / TIRAMISU PARTNERS

The Earth Union is locked in a massive galactic war. Aboard the Space Battleship Tiramisu, ace pilot Subaru Ichinose carries the fate of humanity on his shoulders. Life for Subaru is tough. But nothing relieves tension quite like launching an all-out food-based assault on his own face. Snug as a bug in a rug, Subaru soothingly unwinds in his personal mecha, “Durandal F,” as bliss overtakes him. (Synopsis from Funimation)

Space Battleship Tiramisu is an anime adaptation of a manga series, written by Satoshi Miyakawa and illustrated by Kei Ito, which is being published in Shinchosha’s Kurage Bunch magazine since October 2015 and currently has nine volumes.


Kiratto Pri☆Chan director Hiroshi Ikehata and scriptwriter Yu Sato reunited to work on the anime short, while Bayonetta: Bloody Fate anime movie’s character designer Ai Yokohama also worked on the series, which was produced by GONZO.

The Japanese voice cast are lead by Kaito Ishikawa, who portrayed “Genos” in the popular series One-Punch Man, as “Subaru Ichinose” and Takahiro Sakurai, who portrayed “Suzaku Kururugi” in the popular Code Geass franchise, as “Isuzu Ichinose”.

You can watch the first season of Space Battleship Tiramisu on the iflix app on your device, or through this link: iflix.com/title/show/19144


Libra of Nil Admirali
© Idea Factory / Nil Admirari PROJECT

It’s the 25th year of the Taisho Era in Imperial Tokyo. Kuze Tsugumi, daughter of aristocrats, agrees to be married to save her family from decline. But before she goes through with it, her younger brother Hitaki gets her involved in an incident caused by a “maremono,” a type of book that casts a great influence on whoever reads it. As a result, Tsugumi gains the power to see “aura,” a light that represents the emotions that dwell within a maremono. This is the story of a woman whose destiny seems to sway up and down, as if on the delicate balance of a scale. (Synopsis from Crunchyroll)

Libra of Nil Admirali is an anime series based on the Nil Admirari no Tenbin: Teito Genwaku Kitan visual novel game by Idea Factory, which was first released for PlayStation Vita in April 2016.


Super Seisyun Brothers director Masahiro Takata and scriptwriter Tomoko Konparu reunited to work on the anime series. Yukie Sako, who worked on the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal original net animation series, handled character designs, which was produced by Zero-G anime studio.

Juri Kimura, who portrayed “Aoi Miyamori” in the popular slice-of-life anime Shirobako, voiced the lead character “Tsugumi Kuze”.

You may watch Libra of Nil Admirali on the iflix app on your device, or through this link: iflix.com/title/show/19150


©1986 Kadokawa Pictures

Manie-Manie, also known by the title “Neo-Tokyo”, is a 1987 sci-fi anthology film, based on the Japanese novel Meikyu Monogatari by acclaimed writer and novelist Taku Mayumura, which was produced by Project Team Argos and the anime studio Madhouse.

The three short stories featured on the anime film were each written and directed by Rintaro, Yoshiaki Kawajiri, and Katsuhiro Otomo.

Rintaro is the director of the 1965 anime series Kimba the White Lion, while Yoshiaki Kawajiri directed the 2001 anime adaptation of CLAMP’s X manga series, and Katsuhiro Otomo is the director of the legendary manga series Akira.

You can watch Manie-Manie on the iflix app on your device, or through this link: iflix.com/title/movie/272253