Love is in the air every June, and this year is certainly no different! Japanese voice actor Yuuki Kaji and voice actress Ayana Taketatsu has announced on their respective Twitter accounts on Sunday that they have officially tied the knot.

In their statements, the newlyweds assured their fans that they will continue their work as seiyuu and asked for their support.


Kaji expressed that he will “give back” to people who have learned, grown and supported his career, as well as being a man.


“I’m very grateful for the wonderful experiences I’ve had as an actor since I started,” Taketatsu, who is also celebrating her 30th birthday on Sunday, said. “… I’ve been blessed to have done so many things.”


People in the industry had also expressed their support to the newlyweds, including The Quintessential Quintuplets creator Negi Haruba, posted a picture featuring the character “Nino Nakano” in a wedding dress.

Taketatsu voiced the character in the anime adaptation, which was aired during the Winter 2019 season. The show is set to have its second season, currently in production.


Bkub Okawa, creator of the popular four-panel comedy manga Pop Team Epic, posted a picture of a bride and groom — both the character Pipimi, which in reference to both Kaji and Taketatsu voicing the same character on different episodes.


Miyama-Zero, the illustrator of the High School DxD, has posted a picture featuring the characters Issei Hyodo and Koneko Tojou.

Kaji voiced Issei on the anime adaptations, while Taketatsu voiced Koneko.



Yuuki Kaji’s prominent role in voice acting includes “Haruyuki Arita” of Accel World, “Meliodias” of The Seven Deadly Sins, “Nishikata” of Teasing Master Takagi-san, “Shoto Todoroki” of My Hero Academia, and “Eren Yaeger” of Attack on Titan.

Ayana Taketatsu’s prominent voice acting roles include “Kirino Kosaka” of Oreimo series, “Ayumi Takahara” of The World God Only Knows, “Suguha Kirigaya” of Sword Art Online franchise, “Kotori Itsuka” of Date A Live, “Yamato” of Kantai Collection, and “Azusa Nakano” of K-ON! franchise.

Both had previously starred together in Guilty Crown, Star Driver and High School DxD.


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UPDATE (June 24, 11:00am): High School DxD illustrator Miyama-Zero’s Twitter post has been added.