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Dragon Ball Super: Broly, the latest film in the Dragon Ball franchise, has earned a total of US$100 million (about PHP5.2 billion) worldwide since February 3, Mantan Web reports.

This exceeds the gross of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’, making Broly the highest-earning movie in the Dragon Ball franchise.


©BIRD STUDIO/SHUEISHA ©2018 DRAGON BALL SUPER the Movie Production Committee

In Japan, the anime film sold more than 3 million tickets and grossed almost 3.9 billion yen (about PHP1.8 billion) since its premiere on December 14. Its production company Toei projects that Dragon Ball Super: Broly will eventually earn more than 5 billion yen (about PHP 2.4 billion) in the Japanese box office.

The film’s US screenings sold more than 3.2 million tickets and earned US$29.1 million in the latter half of January.

This places Broly in third among the highest-ranking anime films in the US in terms of ticket sales, just behind Pokemon: The Movie (1999) and Pokemon 2000 – The Movie.


In the Philippines, Dragon Ball Super: Broly is currently screening in cinemas around the country since January 30, which is now on their second week.

The anime film is being distributed by 20th Century Fox Philippines, and screened exclusively at SM Cinema branches nationwide.