Russian cosplayer Astarohime as "Yuri Plisetsky" of the popular anime show Yuri!! on Ice (Photo from Pugoffka/Cure WorldCosplay)

Event organizer has announced during Cosplay Carnival event on Sunday the first set of cosplayer guests for their flagship event Cosplay Mania, which is happening at the end of September.

The much-awaited event is set to feature Emperor and Astarohime from Russia, Hakken from Malaysia, and Ola Aphrodite from Indonesia.

The organizers also mentioned that more guests will be announced in the coming weeks, possibly during their upcoming events.


Russian cosplayer Emperor as “Fay D. Flourite” of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle (Photo from JustMoolti / Cure WorldCosplay)

Emperor is a cosplayer based in Moscow, Russia, who is known for portraying male and female characters from anime shows like Trinity Blood, Guilty Crown, Macross Frontier and Black Butler. Aside from cosplay, he is also a photographer, costume/props maker, and make-up artist. He is currently ranked 4753 in Cure WorldCosplay rankings.


Russian cosplayer Astarohime as “Diamond” of the anime Land of Lustrous (Photo by Pugoffka / Facebook)

Astarohime is a cosplayer from Russia, who had portrayed characters like Eli Ayase and Kotori Minami of Love Live! School idol project, Rin Matsuoka of Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, Yuri Plisetsky of Yuri!! on Ice, and most recently, Diamond of Land of Lustrous. Aside from cosplay, she can also make props and handle make-up. She is currently ranked 26 in Cure WorldCosplay rankings.


Malaysian cosplayer Hakken as “Howl Jenkins Pendragon” of Howl’s Moving Castle (Photo from Hakken / Facebook)

Hakken is a veteran cosplayer from Malaysia, who started cosplaying in 2010. Aside from cosplay, he also has passion in costume and props making, where he was featured in various pop-culture events in Southeast Asia.


Indonesian cosplayer Ola Aphrodite as “Rory Mercury” of GATE (Photo from Ola Aphrodite / Facebook)

Ola Aphrodite is a cosplayer from Indonesia, who was known for her daily interactions on her social media account. Aside from cosplay, she is also a part of the idol group Shojo Complex, and performed in events in Indonesia.


In conjunction with the 10th year of Cosplay Mania, the organizers also announced that the popular event will be held for the first time at the Main Halls, which is at the Ground Floor of SMX Convention Center – Manila in Pasay City.

The event is scheduled to happen on September 29-30.