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The organizers of the hugely-popular AsiaPOP Comicon Manila event has announced on Tuesday that they will host the Japanese singer Serena Kozuki as its musical guest.

The event is happening on August 25-27 at the SMX Convention Center – Manila at the Mall of Asia Complex in Pasay City.


Serena Kozuki is a Japanese solo singer focused on the idol genre, based from Nagoya Prefecture.

Kozuki’s career started in 2014 when she released her first album “High Tension Girl”, which was then followed by several others including “Saikyo Melody”, “Night Jungle War” and several others.

Her sixth single, “Shake the DiCE”, was used as one of the ending theme song of the fourth Tenchi Muyo! Ryo Ohki, which is original video animation of the popular cult series Tenchi Muyo!

She also appeared in the live-action films, including Yumeharuka in 2014, and the Jorei Tantei in 2015.