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Southeast Asian anime channel ANIPLUS Asia announced on Tuesday that the theatrical premiere of Kantai Collection: KanColle the Movie has been moved to Saturday, May 6.

The new premiere date will be two weeks from the scheduled premiere date which was to happen this Saturday, April 22.


The anime channel did not give a reason for the re-scheduling of the movie’s premiere, but sources tell Anime Pilipinas they would like to avoid the screening of blockbuster movies like “Fast and Furious 8” and “Can’t Help Falling in Love”, which premiered last April 15, as well as the Marvel movie “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” on Wednesday, April 26.

The premiere of the anime film A Silent Voice on April 15 was postponed because of the same reason.

APN sources also mentioned that another possible factor in the move was the conflict with special screening of Sword Art Online the Movie: Ordinal Scale, which will happen in the Philippines and three other Southeast Asian countries this Saturday, April 22.


©2016 KANCOLLE THE MOVIE Headquarters

As the mysterious army, the Abyssal Fleet, continues to destroy the seas, only warships that hold a soul, the “Fleet Girls” (KanMusu), have the power to fight back against them.

During the last battle at their headquarters, both sides suffered heavy damages. The Special Type Destroyer “Fubuki” and the other Fleet Girls who took part in the “MI Strategy” managed to secure a win. However, what await them after the fierce battle are only tougher battles.

With the success of the MI Strategy, the headquarters sends the next fighting force towards the south. The battle area continues to increase as they attack the enemy base. With their new Naval base and the accumulation of battle experience, the Fleet Girls continue to come up with new strategies for their battles. Suddenly, an anomaly occurred to the target they were to battle.

What awaits the Fleet Girls are…


Kantai Collection: KanColle the Movie is the anime movie adaptation of a highly-popular Japanese online card game, which features female anthropomorphism of Japanese naval vessels. The game is developed by Kadokawa Games and published by DMM.com, which was released in April 2013.

The anime film’s story will be a continuation of the anime series, which was also aired by ANIPLUS Asia on a simulcast basis in January 2014. In the Philippines, the anime premiered on the TV5 AniMEGA anime block in January.


The staff of the anime series returned to work on the film, including director Keizou Kusakawa and character designers Mayuko Matsumoto & Naomi Ide, which was produced by anime studio diomedea. Jukki Hanada, who is the scriptwriter of the anime series, was joined by Kensuke Tanada, who worked on the anime’s concept & planning, in the film’s scripts.

The Japanese voice cast also returned to portray their previous roles, including Sumire Uesaka (as “Fubuki”), Rina Hidaka (as “Mutsuki”), Saki Fujita (as “Akagi”), Yuka Iguchi (as “Kaga”) and Ayana Taketatsu (as “Yamato”).

Southeast Asian anime channel and content provider ANIPLUS Asia is distributing the anime movie in Southeast Asia.