LDK live-action movie set to premiere on TMC this February

Filipino celebrities Will Devaughn and Roxanne Barcelo to voice lead characters in Filipino.

Filipino-dubbed movie channel Tagalized Movie Channel (TMC) has announced in a television advertisement that the live-action romantic comedy movie LDK premieres this Sunday, February 12, at 08:00pm.

Filipino celebrities Will Devaughn and Roxanne “Roxee B.” Barcelo will voice the lead character of the movie.


Transfer student Aoi and campus heartthrob Shusei are forced to live in one roof after Aoi has caused a fire accident that ruined Shusei’s apartment. Aoi soon develops feelings for Shusei, but her best friend is one of the many girls who are in love with him. Shusei begins to like Aoi as well, but something about his past is holding him back.

LDK is the live-action adaptation of a shoujo manga series by Ayu Watanabe, which is currently being serialized by Kodansha’s Bessatsu Friend magazine since 2009. The manga currently has 22 volumes.

The live action adaptation was directed by Yasuhiro Kawamura, who also directed Nodame Cantabile live-action movies, while Gokusen: The Movie writer Yuko Matsuda handled the screenplay.

Kento Yamazaki, who portrayed “Kosei Arima” in the 2016 live-action movie Your Lie in April, played the lead male character Shusei Kugayama.

Ayame Gouriki, who portrayed “Kiyoharu Genpo” in the 2014 live-action movie Kuroshitsuji, played the lead male character Aoi Nishimori


TMC is available on SKYcable Channel 80 and over 100 cable systems nationwide.