MANILA – 22 June 2015 – For the first time ever, Manila plays host to Asia’s biggest pop culture gathering. Bursting onto the Comic Con scene is the inaugural AsiaPOP Comicon Manila 2015 (APCC Manila) which looks to bring together the very best in movies, television, entertainment, comics, toys, collectibles, gaming, cosplay for one mega event in the Philippines this coming September.

The 4-day event will take place from 17-20 September 2015 at the World Trade Center Metro Manila. APCC Manila will be the ultimate fan experiential event as well as providing a platform for industry professionals on the first day of the show.

Pop culture fans can expect to immerse themselves in a content-rich experience across the spectrum of toys and collectibles, comics, games, cosplay and animation including appearances by film and television celebrities, entertainment performances, exclusive screenings, panel sessions, product launches, competitions and fun activities not just for the geeks and fans but also for the entire family.

With the huge pool of creative talent across Asia, APCC Manila together with a major publisher, looks set to discover the next big thing. Budding artists and talents in the creative industry, get your portfolio ready!

“We are excited to deliver a fresh and awesome edition of a comic con to Southeast Asia with the objective of being THE ultimate convention that will cater to the growing interest of pop culture in the region.” explained Rita Magnus, Head of Events, Universal Events and Entertainment.

“As the host country, the Philippines has a large pop culture community and we want to take advantage of the untapped potential by setting the stage for industry players to expand their exposure as a brand, introduce product breakthroughs and releases, and reach out to their fans, while also serving as a launch pad for budding artists and creative talents”, she continued.

Taking the experience a notch higher, APCC Manila is proud to partner with the Cosplay Authority Global Challenge (The CAGE), the world’s biggest and first–of-its-kind cosplay competition. The CAGE aims to promote the spirit and craftsmanship of cosplay through costume and prop-making workshops as well as provide a platform for cosplay enthusiasts and fans to compete on an international level. The grand champion of the Open category will be determined by an impressive panel of expert judges from various areas of cosplay and will receive a record-breaking payout of up to USD$10,000.

“Cosplay allows the fans to express their love for their favorite characters and creates an essential and fun atmosphere to any comic con. There is synergy in partnering with The CAGE and APCC is the perfect venue to launch the biggest cosplay event which will be one of the key highlights”, says Rita Magnus, Head of Events, Universal Events and Entertainment.

“With this, we are expecting to attract the best cosplay talents around the world to battle on an international level. Not forgetting the younger audience, The CAGE will also have a Kids category and this is a fun bonding activity for families. In sum, it will be exciting to see how The CAGE will put the cosplay talents to the test and unleash the creativity and imagination of the fans”, she added.

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AsiaPOP Comicon(APCC) will be an international pop culture convention themed around comics, film, toys and collectibles, animation, games, cosplay, superheroes and everything pop culture. The event will attract several internationally renowned artists, celebrities and pop-culture icons to various pockets of Asia, starting with Manila in the Philippines, and draw the attention of ardent fans. APCC will feature exhibitors from genres of pop culture and top studios from the across the globe, to bring popular brands and exclusive content for the show.

Focusing on delivering the ultimate fan experience, APCC aspires to bring geek culture mainstream and stand tall as a perfect launch pad to unveil new products and first look of movies for the Asia Pacific region providing a galore of potential opportunities for SMEs in the entertainment business to reach out to big brands and the vibrant creative talent pool from APAC. While the event will serve as a mega licensing avenue for studios to establish a direct access to potential clients through B2B networking, the larger purpose of the event will remain the outreach and communication for celebrities and brands with their fans and engage with them on a one-on-one basis.

Universal Events & Entertainment (UEE), a subsidiary of Al Ahli Holding Group is a premier and dynamic international events management company, headquartered in Singapore committed to be the forefront of pop culture/comic con events globally. The passionate and dedicated team combined has over 4 decades of event management experience in the area of pop culture.

Universal Events & Entertainment prides itself in bringing world class celebrations of pop culture globally that delivers the ultimate fan experience whilst assisting brands to tap into the pulse of pop culture. We aim to build and engage communities and fans at our comic cons worldwide. UEE will kick off a series of comic cons events globally in Manila, Abu Dhabi, Korea and USA in the near future.

DISCLAIMER: The materials seen above was sent to Anime Pilipinas as a part of the promotional campaign of AsiaPOP Comicon (APCC) Manila, and we are not responsible for the content. Subject to change without prior notice.