Toonami Asia to launch “Anime Siege” block, set to premiere four new titles this May

New episodes of Dragon Ball Z Kai, Inazuma Eleven Go also set to premiere next month.

Pan-regional animation channel Toonami Asia has posted on video-sharing website YouTube an advertisement, which announces that the channel is launching a brand new anime block called “Anime Siege” this May.

The new timebelt is set to premiere four new titles, all of which are game-related titles, which are Beast Saga, Beyblade spin-off series BeyWarriors: Cyborg & BeyWheelz, and Yokai Watch.

The promo also announced that new episodes of Dragon Ball Z Kai, as well as sequels like Inazuma Eleven GO Galazy and BeyWarriors: BeyRaiderz.


Toonami Asia has only announced that the “Anime Siege” block will be airing titles back-to-back starting next month, but has yet to indicate when will the block starts.

We will update everyone as soon as it is announced.