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Timeslots for each series not announced yet.

ABS-CBN Animation’s Facebook page has announced that the latest seasons of Naruto Shippuuden and Kuroko’s Basketball will air on ABS-CBN Channel 02 starting Monday, June 30.

The page did not specify which timeslots each series will occupy, but they are expected to air on weekday mornings after Kris TV.


Naruto Shippuuden‘s sixth season (by ABS-CBN‘s count of 50 episodes per season) will cover the revelation of Naruto Uzumaki’s past, while Kuroko’s Basketball Season 2 starts from episode 26 which premiered in Japan on October 06, 2013.

The network is set to launch both titles during Toycon 2014, which will be held this weekend at the SM Megatrade Halls.


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