Photo from Cosplay Mania Facebook Page

₱250, ₱150 tickets also for sale; differences of ticket types not yet announced.

The SM Tickets website has opened a page for Cosplay Mania ’14 one-day passes, and it reveals three ticket tiers with Gold tickets selling for ₱400.

This is the highest price ever sold for one-day passes to an anime event in the Philippines excluding any VIP add-ons, a record previously held by BOA Summer Live where tickets were sold for ₱300.

For perspective, the daily minimum wage in Metro Manila for non-agricultural work is currently at ₱466.


The other ticket tiers, Silver and Bronze, are sold for ₱250 and ₱150 respectively. These were also the prices of the tickets sold for Cosplay Mania within the past three years.

Although the benefits each tier will provide have not been announced, it is likely that the Gold tickets will include admission to the Japanese Anime Music (JAM) concert which will feature musical acts from Japan.


Cosplay Mania will be held on October 04 and 05 at SMX Function Halls 3, 4 and 5 in the Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.


SOURCES: SM Tickets, National Wages and Productivity Commission