Pat Chin

Managing Head
Anime Pilipinas

Pat Chin is the Managing Head of Anime Pilipinas, who oversees the back-end operations of the organization.

He also serves as the website’s contributor on certain topics, including technology and Japan.


Pat’s first exposure in Japanese anime was when terrestrial network RPN began airing an English-dubbed version of Dragon Ball Z in the late 90s.

His interest in the anime scene grew when Alice Academy began airing on Animax Asia in 2005. He was also a part of a fansubber group during the same time.

He was more exposed to the anime scene when the popular slice-of-life anime Lucky Star aired in 2007, which at the same time piqued his interest in Japanese culture in general.

He had visited Japan multiple times for travel and business purposes.

Pat watches Japanese anime shows on any genre that will pique his interest, but he usually to watch shows that are in the slice-of-life genre. He views Anime as a past time, mostly a way to unwind and relax.

He prefers to watch Japanese anime shows in Dubbed form, whether in Filipino or English, over English subtitled form, but it will depend on how the show was treated and its outcome as a whole.

His favorite anime shows to watch are Lucky Star, Non Non Biyori, New Game!, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, and Kemono Friends.


Pat is one of the founders of DTV Pilipinas, which is a non-government organization that advocates and spread the word about Digital terrestrial television in the Philippines.

He also has interest in Digital broadcasting, including equipment and its system, and he usually conduct experiments on Digital TV reception and transmission. He is also a licensed amateur radio operator and helps in emergency operations, with the callsign DW1YDT.

He is also a news junkie, preferably watching hard news that shapes fact-based opinion on a certain issue or story.

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