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UNIQLO’s History of Dragon Ball UT Collection Takes Anime Fans Down Memory Lane

Dragon Ball was introduced to the Pop culture scene in the Philippines in the 80s, and it has then been a big part of a lot of our childhoods.

Japanese pop culture scene Celebrates April Fool’s Day 2019!

The Japanese have some of the best imports, including the anime and the pop-culture scene, but when the clock strikes midnight on the 1st of April, all hell will surely break loose!

Is VIVA-PSICOM hiring Japanese to Filipino Translators for Future Manga Releases?

A want ad on local publisher VIVA-PSICOM Publishing, Inc. has stirred interest online, fueling speculations on what could be the publisher's next move will be.

Third Black Butler musical announced

Yana Toboso's highly popular supernatural-mystery manga Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) is getting its third musical adaptation, titled Musical Kuroshitsuji ―Chi ni Moeru Licorice― (Licorice that Burns in the Ground).

Malaysian government bans Ultraman manga

The Malaysian Home Ministry has issued a ban for the Bahasa Malaysian edition of the manga Ultraman: The Ultra Power because it allegedly contains elements that are "detrimental to public order."

Kagebunshin Technique! Naruto “shadow clones” perform at Dinagyang Festival

Anime fans in Iloilo City were in for a treat last January 17 as members of Tribu Paghidaet performed as Naruto Uzumaki and his "Kagebunshin" (or shadow clones) as part of the Pamukaw or Opening Salvo in this year's Dinagyang Festival.